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How To Watch Adult Swim In Canada, Sign Up, Prices And More

Adult Swim is a streaming service based in the US that focuses on animated content suitable for both children and adults. 

The platform is a free service where users get to watch various animated titles and more. 

Adult Swim has been in operation since 2003 and it was initially founded in 2001. 

However, Adult Swim is only available in the US. This means that US residents can get access to the free streaming platform to watch its content. 

However, we will be looking at how you can get access to adult swim in Canada with the help of a VPN. 

We will be looking at how you can sign into the streaming platform with ease and start streaming its content. 

When you try to access Adult Swim in Canada directly, you will meet an error message that states:

“This website is not accessible. The site that you are trying to access contains content that is prohibited for viewership from within Canada”

adult swim blocked

This message simply means that the content you are trying to watch is not allowed in Canada. For this case, you will first need to get a VPN before you can get past this blockade. 

How To Watch Adult Swim In Canada

Sign up for a plan with a premium such as CyberGhost VPN and follow the steps below to watch Adult Swim in Canada:

  1. Subscribe for a plan on CyberGhost and download its app onto your device
  2. Open the VPN app, sign in with your account details, and connect it to the US server
  3. Now, open the Adult Swim website and you will not see that error message anymore, meaning that the site has been unblocked for you. You can now start watching the animated movies and shows available on Adult Swim
cyberghost vpn unblocks Adult swim
CyberGhost VPN unblocks Adult Swim in Canada

You can also get access to Adult Swim on TV providers such as 

However, you should note that you would have to pay for the subscription fee of the TV provider before you can get to watch Adult Swim even though Adult Swim is free to watch.

How To Sign Up For Adult Swim In Canada

Here is how you can sign in to Adult Swim in Canada.

  1. Connect the CyberGhost VPN app to the US server and open the Adult Swim website and click on Show
  2. Choose a show you would like to watch
  3. Now, click on a season and then click on an episode to watch
  4. You can now start streaming Adult Swim content

Is A VPN Needed To Watch Adult Swim In Canada

Adult Swim is not available in Canada so the only way to get access to it is by using a VPN to unblock the geo-restriction on the service. 

The VPN will bypass the geo-restriction by changing your IP address to an American IP address. In this way, the Adult Swim.

So yes, a VPN is needed before you can gain access to Adult Swim in Canada.

Best VPNs For Watching Adult Swim In Canada

The following VPN can be used in unblocking Adult Swim in Canada.

  • CyberGhost
  • PIA
  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • Private VPN
  • Surfshark




CyberGhost stands out with an expansive server fleet, a characteristic that guarantees users can effortlessly unblock Adult Swim’s content in virtually any country. 

This VPN has demonstrated exemplary performance in bypassing Adult Swim’s geo-restrictions. Enhanced by its commendable price-to-quality ratio, CyberGhost is a top-pick contender.

CyberGhost’s WireGuard protocol ensures top-tier connection speeds without significant speed disruption, averaging 86%. 

Stability is this VPN’s strong suit, consistent video load times were noted throughout our testing phase.

To guarantee you can unblock your preferred streaming services every time, CyberGhost provides specialized servers specifically for streaming. 

When a device does not support VPN installation directly, you have the Smart DNS option. This feature allows for seamless streaming across multiple devices.

CyberGhost’s attractive pricing adds to its appeal. At $2.19/month for a whale year, this VPN service provides a hassle-free solution to bypass Adult Swim’s geo-blocks, offering accessibility to everyone without financial worries attached. 

A free trial of up to 7 days and an extended 45-day money-back guarantee add further value, making CyberGhost an impressive choice for VPN services.

cyberghost vpn unblocks Adult swim
CyberGhost VPN unblocks Adult swim in Canada


Private Internnet Access

private internet access (PIA) VPN

Distinguishing itself in server availability, Private Internet Access takes the lead with an array of servers positioned across more US regions than most VPNs. 

This vast network encompasses over 50 US cities, including key areas like New York and Los Angeles, ensuring swift server accessibility close to your location. 

Private Internet Access (PIA) is among the fastest VPNs, clocking an average of 94 Mbps, enabling users to experience Adult Swim, CNBC, and even Netflix streaming with zero lag or buffering.

A single PIA account caters to up to 10 simultaneous connections, enhancing its value proposition. Moreover, PIA boasts state-of-the-art security features, including 256-bit AES encryption, DNS leak protection, and a kill switch. 

Upholding a rigorous no-logs policy, PIA surpasses many VPNs, carefully avoiding even connection logs, making it an ideal choice for privacy-minded users.

PIA offers an extensive selection of apps catering to Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and Amazon Fire TV enthusiasts. In addition, users can conveniently install PIA browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

private internet access unblocks adult swim
Private Internet Access unblocks adult swim



ExpressVPN canada

Regarding VPNs with a robust USA network, ExpressVPN is highly recommended. Boasting servers in USA locations. 

This VPN service ensures a solid presence in the region. Globally, ExpressVPN maintains an extensive network with over 3,000 servers across 90 countries and more than 160 server locations.

Apart from unblocking Adult Swim efficiently, ExpressVPN has proven its versatility by easily accessing other geo-blocked services such as DC Universe, NBC Live, Youtube TV, Sling, and Hayu. 

Inadvertently losing your VPN connection can expose your network data. Still, with ExpressVPN’s kill switch feature, your data remains safe within the VPN tunnel even if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly.

ExpressVPN exhibits prowess in maintaining user privacy too. It strictly follows a zero-logs policy, ensuring no user activity or data logs are kept. 

ExpressVPN provides high-speed connections up to 89 Mbps out of 100 Mbps, ensuring smooth and efficient streaming.

This VPN service cherishes its reputation for privacy. They’ve even withstood server seizures by authorities, which ultimately vindicated their zero-logs policy. 

Express VPN costs about $6.67 per month (12-month subscription with an additional 3 months for free) and a 30-day money-back guarantee. ExpressVPN offers viable value.

One of their standout features includes support for 5 simultaneous connections, meaning you can stream different services on multiple devices simultaneously.

Particularly advantageous if you’re in the USA and wish to access geo-blocked streaming content.

expressvpn unblocked adult swim
ExpressVPN unblocks Adult Swim



nordvpn canada

Topping the list of our recommended VPNs, NordVPN takes the throne with over 5,300 servers globally.

Setting NordVPN apart is its incredible speed capacity, ticking at 83 Mbps out of a potential 100 Mbps, even while maintaining strong 256-bit encryption.

A standout feature of the VPN service is its kill switch, which instantly cuts off internet access when the VPN connection gets disrupted, solidifying user privacy protection.

NordVPN boasts its dedication to privacy with its rigid no-logs policy, categorically asserting that user activities are not logged on their servers, further amplifying user privacy.

nordvpn unblocks adult swim
NordVPN unblocks Adult Swim in Canada




PrivateVPN may have a smaller network than some of its counterparts, with around 150 servers spread across 60 countries, but it compensates with impressively high speeds. 

Given its remarkable unblocking capabilities, PrivateVPN is tailor-made for users accessing region-restricted services like Scream Box, Youtube TV, HBO Max, Disney+, and Sling TV outside the USA. 

You can stream securely from any location with support for up to six concurrent connections.

private vpn unblocks adult swim
Private VPN unblocks Adult Swim




Surfshark is a budget-friendly VPN app that is great for unblocking streaming services. 

Surfshark has decent unblocking abilities and speed for smooth streaming of Adult Swim.

surfshark unblocks adult swim
Surfshark unblocks Adult Swim

How Much Is Adult Swim In Canada

Adult Swim is a free animated streaming platform and users do not need to pay anything before they can watch. 

For people in Canada, you will only need to pay for the VPN service you use to unblock the website of the service. 

You will only have to pay when you access the platform through a TV provider such as the one listed above.

Here are the updated prices of Adult Stream in Canada:

Streaming PlatformPrice
DirecTV$69.99 – $149.99
Sling TV$35 – $50/mo
YouTube TV$64.99/mo
Hulu$64.99 – $70.99/mo

What To Watch On Adult Swim In Canada

what to watch on adult swim

Here are some of the animated movies and TV shows you can watch on Adult Swim in Canada after unblocking it.

  • American dad
  • Rick and Morty
  • 12 oz mouse
  • Apollo Gauntlet
  • Bird girl
  • Totally for teens
  • Family Guy
  • Aqua Teen Hunger force
  • Bob’s burgers
  • Blood test
  • Blade feast
  • Samurai jack
  • Check it out
  • China il
  • Futurama
  • The venture bros
  • Heavy birdman
  • The brak show
  • The Drinky Crow show
  • Bushworld Adventures
  • Informercials
  • Robot Chicken
  • Smiling friends
  • The boondocks
  • My adventures with superman
  • Genndy Tartakovsky’s primal
  • King star king
  • Brain trust
  • Korgoth of Barbara
  • Freaknik: The Musical 
  • Metalocalypse: the doom
  • Too many cocks
  • Soft focus with Jenna
  • Welcome to Plainville
  • The Groovenians
  • Bag Boy
  • A Day in the Life of Ranger Smith
  • Aqua teen forever
  • Boo boo runs wild
  • King of the Hall

Is There A Free Trial Period On Adult Swim In Canada

Adult Swim is a free streaming platform accessible to all of the United States residents so there is no free trial period present. 

Once you have been able to unblock Adult Swim in Canada, you will not need to pay any more before you start watching. 

You can just sign up and choose any show you would like to watch. The platform is free so there is no need for a free trial period.

Devices That Are Compatible With Adult Swim In Canada

Many devices can access Adult Swim in Canada. Here are some of them below.

  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Android 
  • IOs
  • Apple devices
  • Android devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Adult Swim Good For Children? 

No, it is not. Adult Swim is not suitable for children because its content is made up of mature content such as alcohol, intimate scenes, violence, swerving, and many other things that are not good for children. 
So you should not allow your little children to watch Adult Swim.

Can get to watch Adult Swim for free in Canada?

Yes, you can. Once you have been able to unblock the streaming service in Canada, you will be able to watch it for free on its website. 
Adult Swim is a free animated streaming service and does not charge users anything. Just sign up for an account and you are good to go. 
You will have to pay for a subscription plan when you access the animated streaming platform through a TV provider such as Hulu and YouTube TV.

Is it legal to use a VPN to unblock Adult Swim in Canada?

Yes, it is legal to use a VPN to unblock streaming services in Canada. This is because no law in Canada forbids the use of VPNs. 
People mostly sue the tech tool for keeping snoopers and hackers off when they go online. 
However, it can also be sued for unblocking streaming platforms and there is nothing wrong with it. 
You can go ahead and use the VPN to unblock and stream Adult Swim at any time you feel like doing so. 
There is nothing to worry about because there is no law being broken in the process.


One of the best free places to watch cartoons and animated movies in the United States is Adult Swim. 

This is where adults and children can watch their favorite cartoons and animated movies, however, there are some animated movies that children cannot watch and parents have to make sure that they do not watch them due to the language and other scenes used in those movies.

You now know how to watch Adult Swim with the help of a VPN in Canada. We hope this guide today has been really helpful. 

Other streaming platforms and how to watch them in Canada:

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