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How To Watch Kanopy In Canada, Prices, How To Sign Up, And More

Kanopy is a popular streaming service that offers free content through partnerships with various libraries and universities. 

The streaming platform has content sourced from popular streaming services such as Mubi, HBO Max, and Paramount. 

The streaming service can be accessed by more than 4,000 libraries worldwide.

The content shared on the streaming platform is also free of ads. Kanopy was founded in 2008 in Western Australia.

Unlike the popular streaming services that offer their content as live TV and on-demand, the Kanopy streaming service mainly focuses on providing foreign movies, documentaries, classic cinema, independent movies, and educational videos without any ad breaks.

Is Kanopy Available In Canada?

Kanopy can be accessed in public libraries and universities situated within Canada. 

The streaming platform is available worldwide, so you do not need a VPN to watch it in Canada.

The streaming service is also available in more than 85% of the universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

How To Watch Kanopy In Canada

You can watch Kanopy in Canada through the following short steps:

  1. Open your internet browser on your computer and visit the Kanopy website at Click on ‘get started.’
  2. And then click on ‘find your library.
  3. Share your location when you are prompted to help you find your library. You can also find your library by name, zip code, or city.

How To Get Kanopy In Canada 

You can get access to Kanopy by visiting your local public or university. However, the establishment must be a partner of Kanopy before you will be granted access to its content. 

Kanopy has partnered with more than 4,000 public libraries and universities worldwide to offer its content to its members. 

You can then use your library card to gain access to the contents of Kanopy.

There is a search option that allows users to search for a particular library name or to search for availability in their area. 

Faculty members and students of a University partnered with Kanopy can also access the streaming service’s content. 

Some universities even allow alums and community members to become members of the streaming platform.

Kanopy also gets charged CAD 160 each time a movie is watched or more than four times.

How To Sign Up For Kanopy In Canada

Kanopy partners with public libraries and universities to offer its content. You can access the streaming service by being a member of one of such partner libraries or a student of one of such partner universities. 

With your library card, you can access the Kanopy content without any signup process, as seen in other mainstream streaming services.

How Much Is Kanopy In Canada

How to watch kanopy in canada

The users of the content on Kanopy do not pay for what they watch. Kanopy instead charges the libraries and universities where its content is shown for just CAD 3.4 for each video watched. 

In a way, Kanopy is accessible to the students and people who access its contents in public libraries and universities.

Each member on Kanopy is usually given an amount of free digital rentals each month, which can vary based on the access point of the member. One person can pick up content in a specific location, while another can pick up only 6 at a different location. 

The streaming platform charges each time someone watches a movie, TV show, or video on its platform.

What To Watch On Kanopy In Canada 

what to watch on kanopy streaming platform

The content you get on Kanopy differs from what you will get from other free streaming services in Canada. Below is some content you can watch on Kanopy at your local public library. They are:

  • Denial
  • Franklin
  • Gulliver’s travels
  • Hereditary
  • Ladybird
  • Moonlight
  • Loving Vincent
  • Jim & Andy
  • The Great Beyond
  • Angry Inuk
  • Shiva baby
  • Leave no trace
  • Lawrence anyways
  • The whistleblower
  • The Death of Stalin
  • Official secrets
  • How to change the world
  • Cave of Forgotten Dreams
  • The Lighthouse
  • Giant little ones
  • The babadook
  • Stories we tell
  • Polytechnique 
  • Ladybird
  • Ex machine
  • Donnie Darko
  • I am not your negro
  • On Chesil beach

You can also check out more content once you visit the Kanopy website.

The streaming platform has also formed partnerships with several others. Below are some of the most popular content partners of Kanopy.

Kanopy Kids

There is also a version of the streaming platform, known as Kanopy Kids, made specifically for children. 

This section has been dedicated entirely to kids since Kanopy is a platform that caters to public institutions. 

The content from this section is heavily sourced from the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

Below are some of the shows you can find on the Kanopy Kids.

  • Sesame street
  • Peanuts: Charlie Brown and Snoopy
  • Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood (based on characters from Mr. Rogers)
  • Arthur
  • Caillou
  • Franklin, the turtle

Is There A Free Trial Period On Kanopy In Canada?

Kanopy is free for members of libraries and students of universities to watch in Canada; therefore, no free trial period is needed. 

As long as you hold a library card or are a student at a university affiliated with Kanopy, you can watch its content for free without paying. Therefore you do not need a free trial period.

Is A VPN Needed To Watch Kanopy In Canada?

You do not need a VPN tool to watch Kanopy in Canada because the streaming service is available nationwide.

Kanopy can be accessed worldwide and is available in several public libraries and universities in Canada. All you have to do is to be a member of any of them, and you will be able to watch Kanopy. 

There is no need for a VPN because it is available to watch in Canada.

Devices That Are Compatible With Kanopy In Canada

You can get access to Kanopy on several devices in Canada. Below are some of the most popular devices for streaming Kanopy in your library or at the university.

  • Apple TV
  • Amazon fire TV
  • Roku
  • Google Chromecast
  • Android TV
  • Samsung smart TVs
  • Smart TVs

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there ads on Kanopy?

Kanopy does not show any ads on its content. All the content is ad-free to watch. 

You can watch content on Kanopy without interruptions and commercial breaks, even though it is accessible to the users.

Can I get Kanopy in Canada?

Yes. Kanopy is available in Canada, and you can access it from any partner public library or university.

How much does Kanopy cost in Canada?

Kanopy is accessible to the members of public libraries and universities who watch its content, and they do not need to pay anything to protect it. 

However, the streaming platform charges libraries and universities for its service. It sets CAD 3 for each video watched by a member. 

This means it counts any time a video is watched after 5 seconds. Kanopy is accessible to users but charges libraries and universities for what their members watch on its platform.


If you are a student or a frequent library user, adding Kanopy to your streaming portfolio is a great option. 

It is free to watch as long as you are a public library or university member. 

You will not have to pay anything to manage the Kanopy content. Even though it is free, Kanopy does not allow ads on its platform, meaning you get to protect its content without any commercial breaks or annoying ads interrupting you while you are streaming.

Adding Kanopy to your streaming portfolio is something you should do. We hope this article has shed some light on an excellent streaming service for Canadians, and we hope you will take advantage of this free and ad-free streaming platform in Canada today.

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