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Our Best And Affordable Streaming Services For Canadians To Choose From

We are now in an age where people prefer streaming services to their ease of use and subscription methods. 

When one enters a household, one can find various streaming services such as Netflix, Sling TV, and YouTube TV

People now prefer these platforms over cable, which has existed for over a decade. 

Most people also prefer streaming services due to their pricing, which is lower than cable TV.

Some cable TV subscriptions charge $60 per month, while the amount could be the pricing of streaming platforms for a year. 

Apart from the vast differences in the cost between the two platforms, streaming services also offer multi-platform streaming. 

People can access content on almost any device, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. 

Subscriptions to some streaming platforms can also be shared through a family plan.

One of the main downsides of streaming services is that one needs to find out whether the platform is available in their region. They only find out when they try to access the forum.

Since streamers have become so popular, we were inclined to fish out the best ones you can get in Canada. 

These streaming services are the best ones to access in Canada.

Best And Affordable Streaming Services For Canadians

Below are the best streaming services to get in Canada:

  • Apple TV+
  • Disney Plus
  • Netflix
  • Fubo TV
  • Paramount Essential
  • FXNow
  • Britbox
  • Shudder
  • Criterion Channel
  • Curiosity Stream
  • Pluto TV Live
  • Film Movement Plus

1. Apple TV+


This is an ad-free on-demand streaming platform owned by Apple. The streaming service costs just $4.99 monthly and can be accessed in 150 countries, including Canada.

The only downside here is that the app of this streaming service can only be accessed by Apple devices. 

So even if you are in Canada but do not own an Apple device, you cannot access Apple TV+. 

However, You can access it through Android-powered intelligent TVs such as Chromecast. 

You can also access it through your web browsers and computers, Roku devices, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation, and Xbox.

2. Disney Plus

Disney+ Canada
Disney+ Canada

Walt Disney owns this streaming service and it can be accessed in 59 countries. 

The price of the streaming service starts at just $8 per month. However, users will have to pay $30 for new theatrical releases. Pricing also varies depending on the region.

You can access Disney Plus on several devices, such as Apple TV, Google Chromecast, apple devices Amazon Fire TV, Xbox consoles, computers, and Android devices.

3. Netflix

Netflix Canada
Netflix Canada

This is another popular top streaming platform in the world today. Netflix is an ad-free streaming platform. 

Users either sign up monthly or annually, and the pricing plans are essential, standard, and premium.

The number of devices you can use to watch the streaming platform will depend on your chosen pricing plan. 

The basic program allows you to watch on only one device at a time. The standard procedure will enable you to watch on two devices at a time, and you are also allowed to download the shows and movies for offline viewing later. 

The premium price plan will enable you to watch the platform on four devices simultaneously. You can watch the content in either HD or Ultra HD quality.

The pricing of Netflix also differed according to region, and users can also watch content on the Netflix website once they have subscribed.

Netlfix can be streamed on Mac, windows, android, IOS, and more devices.

4. FuboTV


If you love to watch sports most of the time, then Fubo TV is the best streaming service for you. 

It has been branded as the best sports streaming platform due to its sports-focused content. 

It is the best place to watch soccer in Canada. Fubo TV now has exclusive rights to broadcast the English Premier League and the Italian series A-League. 

It also offers other sports channels such as MLB Network, Big Ten Entertainment, and Bein Sports.

You also get access to entertainment channels such as Paramount Network, HGTV, Food Network, and many others. 

Fubo TV can be accessed on almost all devices and operating systems.

5. Paramount Essential


Apart from all the on-demand content you get access to under the Paramount streaming service, subscribers of Paramount Plus also get access to other sports channels and live local CBS. 

Subscribers also can download content for offline viewing later. A monthly subscription charged on Central Plus costs $9.99. 

6. FXNow

How To Watch FXNow In Canada, Prices, How To Sign up, And More

This on-demand streaming service can be accessed in the US and Canada. 

It features content from channels such as FX, FXX, and FXM. The platform can also be viewed on its website. 

You get access to FXNow for free if you have already subscribed to FX or already have a subscription with a TV provider supported by FXNow. 

However, there are ads on the platforms you will have to deal with.

You can also access FXNow as an add-on on streaming services such as Paramount Plus, HBO Max, and Disney Plus. 

The price will depend on the platform you choose to access it from. You can also download and use the FXNow app on almost all the major platforms and devices, such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, and Android TV.

7. Britbox

Britbox Canada How To Watch, Sign Up, Prices, And More

Britbox is a streaming platform that came into existence due to an alliance between two English broadcasting companies: ITV and BBC. 

If you love to watch British content and movies, detective shows, or anything with some British in it, try out Britbox. 

Streaming is steadily growing, as it already has more than 1.5 million subscribers. 

You can access BritBox on several devices and platforms such as Android, IOS, and Amazon Firetv.

8. Shudder

Shudder Canada
Shudder Canada

If you love to watch horror movies and shows, then Shudder is the best streaming service you can get in Canada. 

The subscription fee for the streaming platform in the US costs just $5.99 per month. 

If you choose to sign up for a year, that will be $56.99. Users can also access the streaming service via the Amazon Prime account, where they sign up for Shudder.

You can access Shudder on several devices, such as Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One console, computers, IOS devices, and Android devices.

9. Criterion Channel

Criterion Channel
Criterion Channel

This curated movie streaming platform allows users to watch ad-free and on-demand movies. 

These movies are accessed from the Criterion Collection and can be observed in HD. 

The service can only be streamed in the US and Canada. Its subscription costs $10.99 per month, which translates to $99.99 per year if you sign up for a whole year.

The platform also offers physical movie rental services, and the number of movies a person can rent each month, along with how much they pay, will depend on how fast they return the movies they rent. 

Renting physical film on DVD or Blu-ray does not require a subscription. You can go ahead and rent the film. 

However, those who have subscribed may get discounts on the physical movies they rent.

10. Curiosity Stream

How to Watch Curiosity Stream In Canada, Sign Up, Prices, And More

This is the best streaming platform for people who love history and are always looking to find new things. 

It is an American streaming platform that can be accessed in more than 175 countries, including Canada. 

Pricing for a subscription in the US starts at $4.99 per month, and an annual subscription is $39.99. 

However, watching content in 4K quality will increase the subscription fee to $9.99 per month and $69.99 per year.

You can access Curiosity Stream on several devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, computers, apple devices, and Android devices.

11. Pluto TV Live

pluto tv

On Pluto TV live, you can access live TV much cheaper than elsewhere. 

This streaming platform is free, and it allows you access to more than 250 live TV channels. 

People can access these live TV channels without even signing up for an account with the platform. 

Viacom owns the streaming platform, and although it may not have the popular channels you get on paid streaming platforms, you still get access to media on sports, entertainment, and news without spending any money.

The channels can be accessed on several devices and platforms, such as Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, and Amazon Fire TV. 

12. Film Movement Plus

Film Movement Plus
Film Movement Plus

This is a video-on-demand platform where people can access independent and foreign movies. 

The venue is only available in Canada and the US at the moment. Subscriptions on this platform cost just $5.99 per month, and it offers a 14-day free trial period for new subscribers. 

You can access Film Movement Plus on devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Android devices, and Apple devices.


So these are the best streaming services to watch in Canada. These streaming services offer almost anything you would like to watch. 

There will be something for you whether you love to watch sports or movies. 

The subscription fees on these platforms are also quite reasonable, especially when compared to the prices charged on cable TV. 

Pick one of these platforms, sign up for an account, and start streaming your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports events.

Other streaming platforms and how to watch them in Canada:

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