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How To Choose A Good VPN For Gaming In Canada

You will need to look at some things when choosing a VPN app for your online gaming purposes. 

Since all you will be doing online is gaming, your needs for the VPN app will differ from those looking for a VPN for browsing purposes. 

You will still need a VPN to ensure that your internet presence is safe and secure. 

Before choosing the VPN app for online gaming, you will need to check out some things and even run some tests. 

Fortunately for our Canadian readers, we have made this easy for you by laying out some of the most crucial things you must look at when choosing a VPN for online gaming. 

You will need to sit down and look at each of them to see if they are worth your money. 

At the end of this article, we will also suggest some of the best VPN apps you can use for gaming in Canada. 

Things To Look Out For When Choosing A VPN App For Gaming In Canada

Let us now look at some of the essential things you must look out for before choosing a VPN app for your online gaming purposes. 

These will enable you to know if the VPN app you choose is suitable for online gaming. 

It will also help you choose the best one that is friendly to your pocket while offering what you need for a better online gaming experience. 

Free Or Paid?

Before choosing a VPN app for gaming on the Internet, make sure that the one you choose offers a free trial period with a money-back guarantee before signing up. 

This ensures you can back out when you realize the VPN app does not live up to the hype and adverts. 

When you sign up for one with a free trial period, you can test out the service and see how it performs before you commit to it fully. 

Once you find out the VPN app is unsuitable, you can opt-out and return your money. In this way, you can look for another VPN app with what you want.

So this is one of the most important things to look out for when choosing a gaming VPN for yourself in Canada.


Which VPN Has The Most Servers In Canada

Another thing you should look out for before signing up with a VPN app for your online gaming is the number of servers the VPN app has and in which countries the servers are located. 

When the VPN has more servers, it means that the VPN has better speeds, and this will reduce the pings that appear when you are gaming. 

When the servers are low, it is not good, as that means that the VPN does not have the speed you are looking for. 

You should also check to see if the VPN has servers that are near you. The servers near you will allow you to connect faster and improve your online gaming experience. 

So always make sure that you check out the number of services the VPN app has before you sign up.


Since you will be gaming with the VPN app, you will need one that is fast and has decent speed. 

You will need one with better speeds since more data will have to be transferred when more participants are involved in online gaming. 

The buffering reduces when the speeds are good, enhancing the gaming experience. 

Data Allowance

Now this is quite important for online gamers in Canada. The amount of data the VPN app allows you to have per month should also be taken seriously when choosing a VPN for online gaming. 

Most online video games will require between 1 and 300 MB per hour to run smoothly. 

So if you are an avid gamer, you will need more than 10 GB per month for gaming. 

The amount of data you get per month will determine how long you can stay online playing your video games. 

So before you sign up with a VPN provider, make sure that you have checked out the amount of data they issue to their users each month. 

It is less than 10 GB per month; maybe that VPN app is not what you want.

Also, make sure that the amount of bandwidth offered is good.


This is the most important thing you must check out before signing up with a VPN provider. 

You must know if the VPN has what it takes to protect you while gaming. Does it have what it takes to keep your data and online presence secure and anonymous whenever you are online? 

Does it have a kill switch and a no-logs policy? The security offered by the VPN app should be taken seriously. 

The security must be strong enough that hackers and other cybercriminals cannot harm you or snoop on your data while gaming.

The VPN app should also have protection against military-grade leaks and encryption.

Support For Routers


One of the best ways to get your game console connected to a VPN is through a VPN on your router. 

However, this is something that only some VPN providers offer. If you want the best online gaming experience, you should choose a VPN with a router’s support

There is no need to worry. Most of the VPN apps suggested in this article support routers.

This is another thing that should be taken seriously when looking for a good VPN app for online gaming. Look out for one that has support for routers. 

Best VPN Apps For Gaming In Canada

So we have now seen some things that one should look out for when choosing a VPN app for online gaming. 

We have also taken it upon ourselves to show you some of the best VPN apps you can consider for your online gaming purposes in Canada. 

These VPN apps come with most of the tips shown in this article and offer great encryption for security.

Here are the best VPNs that have been optimized for gaming in Canada: 

  • CyberGhost
  • ExpressVPN
  • ProtonVPN
  • Windscribe




If you are looking for one of the most popular VPN apps in the world for gaming, then CyberGhost is the one. 

The VPN app has one of the most expensive fleets of servers worldwide, which numbers 9700 in 91 countries. 

CyberGhost also uses tip security protocols such as AES-256 to encrypt your data. 

The kill switch feature cuts any IP leaks once the connection drops. You can also use I to unblock some of the best streaming services in the world, and its speed is also one of the best.

Price Of CyberGhost

CyberGhost costs $2.19 per month for a year plan.

CyberGhost Is Available On:

  • Windows
  • IOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Chrome
  • Firefox 


  • It has good streaming servers
  • Protection from snoopers
  • An unblock a lot of streaming services
  • Friendly for the beginner


  • The Linux version is outdated
  • Can sometimes cause interruptions on WireGuard on Mac



ExpressVPN canada

State-of-the-art and wide-ranging Canadian network VPN – the term rightly benefits ExpressVPN.

Holding its servers in numerous locales throughout Canada – encompassing Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, ExpressVPN solidifies its robust presence in these zones.

Internationally, it flaunts an immense network, accounting for over 3,000 servers across 90 nations and exceeding 160 server sites.

ExpressVPN also proves its capability of efficiently handling other geo-limited platforms like DC Universe, NBC Live, and Adult Swim.

A noteworthy feature of ExpressVPN includes a kill switch that ensures the safety of your network data.

Therefore, your data retains its security within the VPN tunnel, even in sudden disconnections.

Recognized for an unwavering commitment to user privacy, ExpressVPN strictly follows a zero-logs policy, ensuring no user activity or data logs are stored.

With high-speed connections reaching up to an impressive 89 Mbps out of a potential 100 Mbps, ExpressVPN ensures users enjoy seamless and efficient streaming.

Its reputation in privacy is remarkable, as seen in past instances where it endured server seizures by authorities, further attesting to its zero-log policy.

ExpressVPN, with its affordable pricing of around $6.67 per month (for a 12-month subscription, plus an additional free 3 months) and a 30-day money-back guarantee, offers outstanding value.

One of its standout features is the ability to support 5 different connections simultaneously, allowing varying services to be streamed concurrently on numerous devices.

This feature is particularly beneficial for Canadian users accessing geographically restricted streaming content.



Proton VPN

The Proton brand, headquartered in Switzerland, has recently undergone significant reinvention and given a new lease of life to its flagship offering, Proton VPN. 

The revamped aesthetic aligns perfectly with its commendable performance, underscoring our recommendation.

The connection speeds on offer are noteworthy. The WireGuard protocol delivers up to 510Mbps, and with OpenVPN, users can expect around 210 Mbps speeds.

Despite integrating the proprietary VPN Accelerator technology, it falls short of competitors such as Surfshark.

Proton VPN comes packed with a robust zero-log policy and robust encryption, making it an excellent choice for users seeking complete online privacy.

The unique feature of Secure Core servers, positioned in physically fortified locales within privacy-centered countries, allows for another layer of anonymity. 

Users can optionally leverage these servers, directing their traffic to any chosen destination. The Proton Unlimited package also includes the full Proton privacy suite, consisting of Proton Mail, Proton Drive, and Proton Calendar, all available for a reasonable price.

Recently, prices have been reduced across all tiers, yet it remains a premium service. However, opting for a 2-year plan offers a good value deal and ample 10 simultaneous connections.



Windscribe canada

Our in-depth review of Windscribe revealed that its free VPN service provides a substantial monthly data offering of 10GB. 

This feature contributes heavily to its appeal. Moreover, Windscribe extends a competitively priced paid subscription, which offers unlimited data and the freedom to connect unlimited devices simultaneously. 

This is a remarkable feature compared to most of its competitors, who typically limit connections to five to ten devices.

With an array of connection options and an extensive geographical reach spanning hundreds of servers, Windscribe is carving its niche. 

Windscribe’s Chrome VPN extension is of particular note. It stands out among the best in the market, boasting numerous features. Moreover, it can function without installing the desktop client—perfect for work computers or other devices where software installation is disallowed.

The option to pay for a Windscribe subscription using Bitcoin adds to its user-friendly approach and privacy commitment. 

Coupled with an email address not being required to subscribe and being headquartered in Canada, Windscribe could be particularly appealing to users apprehensive about US jurisdiction.

Risks Associated With Online Gaming Through Free VPNs

Below are some of the risks you face when you game online through a VPN app, especially if you are using a free VPN app. Here are the risk factors below.

  • Keeping logs and data
  • Selling of personal data
  • Less security, especially if the VPN app is free
  • Some may also contain spyware and may spread to users 

Some VPNs You Should Avoid

With that said, here are some VPNs that you should avoid in Canada. If you want to game online in peace and security, you should stay away from the following VPN apps.

  • Betternet Canada
  • Hola VPN
  • Hoxx VPN
  • Touch VPN
  • CrossVPN
  • GO VPN
  • Pipe VPN
  • Archie VPN
  • EasyVPN
  • Faceless. Me
  • Hat VPN
  • Tuxler VPN

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best VPN to use for gaming in Canada?

In our opinion, ExpressVPN is the best one to get for the job. It offers good security and ensures privacy wherever you go online to game. If you are looking for the best free gaming VPN app, that will be the ProtonVPN app.

Can I use a free VPN app for gaming online in Canada?

Yes, you can do this. However, it is only advisable to do so if you can. A free VPN may have a different level of security than you will get in a premium VPN app, and they could even end up selling your data to generate revenue for the maintenance of their services. 

So although you can use a free VPN for online gaming in Canada, it is better to get a premium one that will assure you of better security and privacy.

Can I play Roblox In Canada with a VPN?

Yes, you can. Some VPN apps in Canada can be used for playing Roblox. Some of these are premium, while others are free. It will all depend on the level of security and privacy you want and your budget.



These are some of the most important things you should always check out when choosing a VPN app for online gaming. 

With these tips and the suggestions shown in this article, you are now equipped with the ability to choose a good VPN app for online gaming while staying away from the bad ones.

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