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Netflix Canada: How To Watch, Sign Up, Prices And More

Netflix is a streaming service that was founded in 1997 initially as a DVD by-mail company. 

The company has since been able to change with the times and capitalize on the streaming revolution that started by creating its video-on-demand service. 

This VOD service began operation in 2007, and Netflix itself has become one of the most popular streaming services in the world.

Netflix was finally allowed to air in Canada in 2010. With this move, the expansion of Netflix quickly began. 

Netflix now has more than 200 million subscribers all over the world. With these numbers, Netflix is the most significant streaming service in the world at the moment. 

Netflix is now a subscription-based streaming platform. 

The good news today is that Netflix is available to stream in Canada. Netflix is allowed in Canada, and Canadian residents can stream the streaming service easily without any issues. All one needs to have is a subscription plan.

Where Is Netflix Available To Watch?

Netflix can be accessed in over 190 countries; Canada is part of that number. 

This means that it can be found in almost every country you visit. You can find Netflix in the following countries

  •  United States of America
  •  United Kingdom
  •  Australia
  •  Bangladesh
  •  Ghana
  •  Congo
  •  South Africa
  •  Canada 

These are just a few countries in which Netflix can be found. 

How To Subscribe To Netflix In Canada On Your Phone

Subscribing to Netflix is super easy, and the good thing about a Netflix subscription is that you can cancel it anytime you feel like doing so. 

If you are looking for how to subscribe to Netflix to enjoy all the fantastic movies and TV shows it offers, please follow the steps below.

  1.  Put on your internet internet connection and open your internet browser.
  2.  In the search box, type in This will send you to the Netflix website, where you will be able to see all the movies and shows it has to offer
  3.  Now, look at the top right corner of the screen and click on the red ‘join now’ button.
  4.  Now input your email address and create a password to proceed.
  5.  You now choose a plan and a payment method.
  6.  After creating your account, you will be charged each month on the date you signed up for the subscription.

How To Watch Netflix In Canada

Getting access to Netflix in Canada is relatively easy. All you need is a device compatible with the streaming service and a subscription plan. 

If this is your first time, we will look at how you can sign up for Netflix shortly below. 

For now, let us look at how you can watch the streaming platform in Canada. Please follow the steps below:

  1.  Get a device that is compatible with the streaming service
  2.  Switch on your Internet and open your internet browser
  3.  Go to the Netflix website and tap on ‘sign in.’ This can be found at the top right corner of the screen
  4.  Input your account credentials, and you are good to go 

You can now start streaming all your favorite Netflix content in Canada. 


How To Get Netflix On Mobile Device

You can get the Netflix app quickly on your mobile if you reside in any of the supported countries. 

Canadians can get to download the Netflix app for both their Android and Apple devices. Below is how you can download the Netflix app.

  1.  After switching your internet data, open the app store app of your device.
  2.  Search for ‘Netflix’ and tap on it when it appears.
  3.  Now, tap on download, and the app will download and install on your device.
  4.  After it has been downloaded, open the app and sign in with account credentials, and you can start streaming your favorite movies and shows.

You can also sign up for the app by following the steps above if you still need an account.

What To Watch On Netflix In Canada

You can watch several exciting movies and shows on Netflix in Canada. Apart from regular shows and movies, Netflix has some exclusive content that cannot be found anywhere else. 

Some of the shows and movies you can watch on Netflix in Canada are:

  •  Anne, with an E
  •  Total Drama
  •  LEGO Ninjago
  •  The next step
  •  Odd squad
  •  19-2
  •  Leap
  •  Rookie blue
  •  Stranger things
  • Kim’s Convenience
  • Working moms
  • Vikings
  • Heartland
  • My perfect landing
  • Polly pocket
  • Frontier
  • Travelers 
  • The imperfects
  • Degrassi: The new class
  • Trailer park boys
  • Phantom pups
  • Van Helsing
  • Alias Grace
  • The order
  • The Tale of Princess Kaguya
  • Wind River
  • Gods own country
  • The farewell
  • Sound of metal
  •  Shoplifters
  •  Hell or high water

You can also download any of these movies to watch them later. Some of these movies can be found only on Netflix Canada. They cannot be seen on Netflix content in the United States.

How Much Is Netflix In Canada 

One can choose several subscription plans on Netflix in Canada, depending on the person’s budget or how much they are willing to spend. 

Users can also watch their stream in HD, Full HD, and Ultra HD. The subscription plans offered by Netflix to Canadian subscribers are as follows:

Netflix Basic Plan

  •  The basic plan that comes with ads is CAD 5.99 per month
  •  The Basic plan is CAD 9.99 per month

Netflix Standard Plan

The Standard plan is CAD 16.49 per month

Netflix Premium Plan

The Premium plan is CAD 20.99 per month

Prices for the standard and premium subscription plans were last increased in 2022

Does Netflix Have A Free Trial?

No. Netflix does not offer any trial periods. You start paying for your subscription as soon as you sign up. There are no free trial periods here. 

Do You Need VPN To Watch Netflix In Canada?

You do not need a VPN tool to access Netflix in Canada. This is because there are no geo-restrictions on the streaming platform in Canada. 

Netflix is allowed to air in Canada, and anyone living in Canada can get access to it as long as they have a compatible device and can afford the subscription fees charged. 

So you do not need any VPN tool to access Netflix, as your IP address will not be blocked. 

You can visit the Netflix website and sign up for a subscription plan, and you are good to go. 

However, if you are a Canadian who is now in countries such as China, North Korea, and Russia, then you will not be able to get access to Netflix as it is not available in those countries. 

For these countries, you will need to get yourself a VPN tool before you can gain access to Netflix in any of them. 

Devices That Can Be Used To Stream Netflix In Canada

Many devices can be used in streaming Netflix. This is because Netflix is available all over the world. 

Therefore, it has been compatible with most devices on the planet. Below are some of the devices that can be used to stream Netflix in Canada.

  •  Computers
  •  Smartphones
  • Sony Playstation game console
  •  Smart TVs
  •  Apple
  •  Android

And many other devices. With these devices, you can stream Netflix easily without any issues. 

Why Should You Get Yourself A Streaming Platform?

There are many reasons why you should get yourself a streaming service. Here are some of them below.

  •  Has no commercials
  •  You can cancel subscription plans at anytime
  •  Lots of movies to choose from
  •  New additions frequently
  •  It can be streamed on most devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Netflix in 4K?

Yes, you can. Several movies and shows on the streaming platform can be viewed in 4K. 
However, this can only happen if you stream the content with a TV with 4k support. 
Apart from this, you must have the Netflix premium subscription plan before streaming content in 4K quality. 

What internet speeds do I need to stream Netflix?

At least, you will need to ensure that your device’s internet speed is 0.5MBs, although that will come with poor image quality. 
This means that you need a device with internet speeds of more than 1MB if you want better image quality and a better viewing experience. 

Are there annual subscriptions on Netflix?

No, there are not. The only subscription plans available in Canada are monthly plans. 
Netflix does not offer annual subscription plans in Canada at the moment.


Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world, and it is available in over 190 countries. 

Canadians do not need to worry about VPN tools because they can access Netflix quickly. 

This is because Netflix supports Canada, so all one has to do is open the website on their browser and sign up. You can also check out Apple TV Plus, which happens to be Netflix’s competitor in Canada.

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