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AMC+ Canada: How To Watch, Sign Up, Prices, And More

AMC+ is one of the few streaming services from the USA that is available in Canada. 

It is a subscription video-on-demand streaming service, and AMC Networks owns it. 

AMC Plus was launched on 11th June 2020 and included live feeds and programs of the networks and programs of AMC Networks

However, the content offered by AMC Plus in Canada is limited compared to what is offered in the USA. 

Users in Canada can download the AMC, but they will still need the help of a VPN. 


However, they can only access AMC and AMC Live with cable. All this is because some streaming rights and content distribution policies are implemented, preventing Canadian users from accessing AMC and AMC live. 

AMC Plus and AMC Live are offered in the USA by Sling TV, Youtube TV, Amazon Prime, and Fubo TV.

This article will examine getting AMC Plus in Canada without cable TV. 

How To Watch AMC In Canada

You can access all streaming services and watch AMC+ in Canada by obtaining a US IP address. 

You can find an IP address by downloading and installing a CyberGhost VPN tool. The VPN will change your IP address from Canada to the USA so that you will be granted access to AMC+. 

After downloading the CyberGhost VPN tool, here are the steps you should follow next:

  1. Open the CyberGhost VPN tool and connect it to the USA server
  2. Now, head over to the websites of Sling TV, AT&T TV, FuboTV, Philo TV, or Youtube TV and sign in. 
  3. After signing in, you will get access to AMC+ from any of these streaming services, and you can start watching.

This is how you can watch AMC+ in Canada with all its TV shows and movies. 

If you are still deciding which streaming services to access AMC+, we recommend you get to Sling TV. 

This is because Sling TV has lower subscription fees when compared to the others and also comes with other great channels such as TNT, ESPN, FOX, and many other great channels for movies and TV shows.

You can also get access to AMC in Canada through YouTube TV. However, this streaming service is expensive and unsuitable for people shopping on a budget.


Recommended VPNs When You Want To Watch AMC In Canada

You can use many VPN tools to access the streaming services above to access AMC+ in Canada. However, below are the ones recommended by us after undergoing extensive testing,

  • CyberGhost
  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN




Setting the standard with its vast server network, CyberGhost guarantees smooth access to AMC+ content from almost anywhere across the globe.

CyberGhost, admired for its exceptional ability to bypass geo-restrictions and its impressive value for money, has gained substantial favor among numerous users.

Implementing the WireGuard protocol, CyberGhost delivers top-notch connection speeds, maintaining an average of 86%, ensuring minimal disruptions.

CyberGhost’s dependability demonstrated through consistent video loading times during extensive tests, is a notable feature.

Equipped with dedicated servers for streaming, CyberGhost grants uninterrupted access to your favorite streaming platforms. Furthermore, a Smart DNS feature is provided for devices that do not support direct VPN installation.



Private Internnet Access

private internet access (PIA) VPN

Offering an abundance of server choices, Private Internet Access (PIA) shines among competitors. It supplies a wide range of servers in critical US locations, far exceeding most rivals in the VPN market.

PIA ranks among the fastest VPNs, recording an average speed of 94 Mbps, guaranteeing your AMC+ streaming experience remains smooth and buffer-free.

Need to manage multiple devices? A single PIA account permits up to 10 simultaneous connections, significantly enhancing its practicality.

PIA reinforces its security with features such as 256-bit AES encryption, DNS leak prevention, and a kill switch. Additionally, a strict no-logs policy is upheld, rejecting even connection logs, and appealing to privacy-conscious users.

PIA supports a variety of apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and Amazon Fire TV, along with Chrome and Firefox browser extensions.




ExpressVPN canada

ExpressVPN secures a seamless streaming experience for your favorite shows. Its extensive global network comprises over 3000 high-speed servers distributed across 90+ countries, including the US.

With ExpressVPN, you can effortlessly unblock numerous streaming services, including AMC+, from anywhere around the world.

It is compatible with a wide range of devices such as Android, Windows, Fire Stick, Linux, macOS, and iOS.

ExpressVPN excels in speed, recording 89.75 Mbps / 100 Mbps during tests. Enjoy your favorite shows in sharp HD quality and connect up to five devices simultaneously with a single ExpressVPN account.




nordvpn canada

Searching for a powerful VPN service with a plethora of server options? NordVPN deserves your consideration.

With over 5200 servers in 59+ countries, including the US, NordVPN adeptly unblocks AMC+ content in Canada and a host of other region-exclusive streaming services.

NordVPN ensures an HD, lag-free viewing experience and offers user-friendly apps compatible with a variety of devices, including iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, Android, and Fire Stick.

Proving its speed credentials with an impressive 79.5 Mbps / 100 Mbps during tests, NordVPN firmly establishes itself among top-performing VPNs.


How To Get AMC+ In Canada Without Cable

When you subscribe to any streaming service, you can watch AMC+ in Canada without a cable TV package. 

However, please remember that you will still need a VPN tool before you can access any of the streaming services in Canada. The streaming services are

This also means you can get AMC+ on any device supporting the above streaming services.

How To Sign Up For AMC+ In Canada On Your Phone

You can sign up for AMC by downloading its app on either Android or IOS

If you are looking for full access to AMC, you can sign up for any of the streaming services where it is offered before you can start watching AMC in Canada.

How Much Is AMC+ In Canada

You can subscribe to AMC in Canada for just CAD 6.99. However, if you want to access all that AMC has to offer, you can stream it through any of the platforms where it is offered.

In this case, how much you will pay depends on the platform through which you are streaming AMC. 

Each platform has its own cost; some may charge more in addition to their subscription fees for offering access to AMC.

It will depend on what the user wants and what he is willing to pay for it. 

Why Is AMC+ Not In Canada?


AMC is in Canada. However, the amount of content offered is limited. This is due to the usual issues with content license and streaming rights. Due to this, only some of the content offered by AMC can be shown in Canada.

If you do not care about the amount of content offered, you can download the AMC app on your Android or Apple device and start watching AMC in Canada. 

When Will AMC+ Be In Canada?

AMC can be accessed in Canada at the moment. However, the content offered is limited, and we need to find out when full content will be made available in Canada. 

If you want access to all AMC offers, you can get a VPN tool and subscribe to either Sling TV, FuboTV, or Youtube TV. These streaming services offer AMC on their platform. 

What To Watch On AMC+ In Canada


There are many great shows to watch on AMC in Canada, and we cannot list them here. 

However, we have listed some of the best ones below. They will give you an idea of what you can watch when accessing AMC in Canada.

  • La Fortuna
  • Better call saul
  • Creepshow
  • The walking dead
  • Killing eve
  • Talking dead
  • McMafia
  • Kevin can f*** himself
  • The terror
  • Fear the Walking Dead
  • A discovery of witches
  • Soulmates
  • Ride with Norman Reedus
  • Friday night in with the Morgans
  • Dispatches from elsewhere
  • Eli Roth’s History of Horror

Below are some of the most thrilling movies you can watch on MAC in Canada

  • Blue is the warmest color
  • Victoria
  • After the wedding
  • The black power mixtape 1967-1975
  • What Maisie knew
  • The girl with the dragon tattoo
  • Angry Inuk
  • Exit through the gift shop
  • Gook
  • Still walking
  • Mary and max

AMC+ Compatible Devices

You can get AMC on any device that supports any streaming services through which AMC+ can be accessed. Some of these devices are:

  • Desktop and laptop computers
  • Apple devices
  • Android devices
  • Chromecast
  • Xbox gaming console
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Playstation gaming console
  • Smart TVs
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire Stick TV

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get AMC Plus in Canada? 

You can get AMC Plus in Canada for just CAD 6.99 per month. However, the content you can access will be limited due to some streaming rights and content license policies. 
To get full access to all the content offered by AMC Plus, you will need to use a VPN to access any of the streaming services where AMC is offered. 
We have already listed these streaming services in the article above. Please refer to the list.

Can I Stream AMC In Canada?

Yes. AMC can be streamed in Canada through a cable TV provider or the AMC app, which can be downloaded for Android and Apple devices. Again, note that the content offered for Canadians is limited compared to the ones offered in the United States.

Can I Watch AMC In Canada If I Don’t Have Cable?

Yes, you can. You can do so by signing up for any streaming services, such as Sling TV, FuboTV, Youtube TV, and Philo TV. However, you will need a VPN tool before accessing the above streaming services.

Can I watch AMC In Canada?

You can watch AMC+ in Canada with a VPN tool such as ExpressVPN. The VPN will unblock the streaming service by changing your location from Canada to the server it has been connected to. In this way, you can watch AMC+ comfortably in Canada without any issues. 


AMC+ is one of the few video-on-demand streaming services offered in Canada. 

However, users will still have to use a VPN if they desire to get access to all the content offered by AMC. In this case, they will have to access AMC through a third party such as Sling TV or Youtube TV. 

If not, one can download the AMC on either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and sign up for an account to start watching the limited content on offer.

You can also check out how to watch TF1 in Canada if you enjoy French movies and shows.

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