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FOX TV Canada: How To Watch, Sign Up, Prices, And More

Fox TV is a commercial TV network based in the United States of America. It is a free-to-air TV network. 

However, some of its shows need an active American TV cable subscription before you watch them. 

You can view them with an American TV cable subscription since they are not available even online. 

The contents of Fox TV are only accessible to residents of the US.

How To Watch FOX TV In Canada

Trying to watch Fox TV in Canada will only be fruitless. You will see a message telling you that “This content is not available in your location” This means that you are not allowed to view the contents of the platform because the various streaming rights and content license does not allow the platform to broadcast in your area. 

In this case, you will need a VPN to change your location before you can watch Fox TV in Canada. 

One of the best VPN tools that can be used in unblocking Fox TV is CyberGhost. 

It is one of the best in its league and has excellent security to keep you anonymous as you stream your favorite Fox content.

Here is how you can watch Fox TV in Canada with the help of a VPN tool:

  1. Download a VPN tool and install it on your device. We will recommend that you download either Cyberghost or IPVanish. They are some of the best VPNs to use in bypassing geo-restrictions
  2. After setting the VPN up, open it and connect it to the US server. We recommend you connect to the New York server, which is one of the best servers.
  3. Now, go to the Fox TV website and click on any shows you want to watch. The VPNs mentioned above will allow you to stream them without any issues.

Recommended VPNs For Watching FOX TV In Canada

Before viewing Fox TV, you must get yourself a good VPN tool that can bypass geo-restriction while keeping you safe online. 

As with most things on the market, many VPNs exist, but not all can get the job done.

Below are some of the best VPNs to consider.

  • ExpressVPN
  • Surfshark
  • NordVPN
  • PrivateVPN
  • IPVanish
  • CyberGhost



ExpressVPN canada

Don’t want to miss any of your preferred shows? ExpressVPN ensures you never do. With over 3000 high-speed servers covering more than 90 countries, including the US, ExpressVPN is a master at streaming services.

It effortlessly unblocks many streaming sources, such as FOX TV in Canada, BBC iPlayer, and more, from virtually anywhere.

Compatibility extends to multiple devices like Android, Windows, Fire Stick, Linux, macOS, and iOS.

With confirmed speeds of 89.75 Mbps / 100 Mbps during tests, ExpressVPN ensures you can relish your favorite shows and movies in brilliant HD quality, and connect up to 5 devices simultaneously per ExpressVPN account.



Private Internnet Access

private internet access (PIA) VPN

When it comes to an extensive range of server options, Private Internet Access (PIA) stands tall. It offers servers across numerous United States locales, outstripping many competitors in the VPN industry.

PIA’s excellent speed attributes, with an average of 94 Mbps, guarantee a flawless FOX and Hulu viewing experience, without any lag or buffering.

No need to stress over multiple devices- a single PIA account supports up to 10 simultaneous connections for your convenience.

PIA truly excels in its security measures, featuring 256-bit AES encryption, DNS leakage protection, and a kill switch.

Coupled with its staunch no-logs policy (with no connection logs), PIA is the go-to choice for privacy-oriented viewers.

PIA is also compatible with a collection of platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and Amazon Fire TV, and offers helpful Chrome and Firefox browser extensions.




nordvpn canada

Looking for a reliable VPN with abundant server options? Consider NordVPN. Offering more than 5200 servers across 59+ countries, including the US, NordVPN paves the way for easy access to FOX in Canada, BBC iPlayer, and additional streaming platforms.

Enjoy your favorite shows and movies in high-definition with no worries of buffering, courtesy of NordVPN.

NordVPN showcases user-friendly applications for a broad range of gadgets, including iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, Android, and Fire Stick.

On speed tests, NordVPN lives up to its reputation, delivering impressive speeds of 79.5 Mbps / 100 Mbps.


How To Get FOX TV In Canada On Your Mobile Device

You can get Fox TV on your mobile device through the following steps:

  1. Open the VPN tool you downloaded and connect it to the US server
  2. Now, go online and download the Fox TV APK file
  3. Install the file. You may need to allow permission depending on the device you are using
  4. After the app has been installed, open it and go over to the ‘shows’ category
  5. Choose a show that you would like to watch and select an episode of that show
  6. The episode you chose will now start playing for you to watch

There are some other ways through which you can get Fox TV in Canada. You can get Fox on some other streaming services that can be accessed in Canada with a VPN tool. These streaming services are:

How To Get Fox TV Using Sling TV

you can get to watch Fox TV in Sling TV by subscribing to any of the three plans offered by the streaming platform. 

Apart from the three subscription packages offered by Sling TV, there are some additional add-ons that subscribers can opt for by paying an additional fee.

How to Stream Fox TV on Sling TV In Canada

Follow these easy steps to start watching FOX TV without a cable subscription on Sling TV:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN.
  2. Manually set up the ExpressVPN connection on your Firestick.
  3. From the list of servers, select a USA-based one.
  4. Download and open Sling TV, then sign in with your account details.
  5. Finally, search for FOX TV on Sling TV and stream Fox content.

How To Get Fox TV Using FuboTV

Another streaming service through which you can access Fox TV is Fubo TV. Just like Sling TV, Fubo also offers subscribers three plans from which they can choose. All these three subscription plans allow subscribers access to several Fox TV channels like the Fox News channel.

How to Stream Fox TV on fuboTV In Canada

Check out these steps to watch FOX TV without a cable on fuboTV:

  1. Register for ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the ExpressVPN app from the App Store and create an account.
  3. From the list of servers, select a USA-based one.
  4. Next, download and launch the fuboTV app.
  5. Sign in to fuboTV, look for FOX TV, and commence streaming endless Fox content.

How To Get Fox TV Using YouTube TV:

Another streaming service that allows you to watch Fox TV is YouTube. YouTube TV comes with only one subscription plan, and you can access Fox TV channels when you pay for the subscription plan. 

There are also some add-ons to choose from if you realize the Channel you are seeking is unavailable.

How To Sign Up For FOX TV In Canada

You can sign up for Fox TV through any of the streaming services offering it. 

These include Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Fubo TV. The fees paid will also depend on what is being charged by these streaming services. Sign on through the steps below.

  1. Open your VPN app and connect to the US server
  2. After making sure a connection has been established, head over to the website of any of the streaming services and sign up by clicking on the relevant button on the homepage.

How Much Is FOX TV In Canada

The price you pay for Fox TV will also depend on the streaming service through which you access it. 

Each streaming service mentioned in this article has subscription fees; some are more expensive than others. 

Here are the updated prices of FOX TV In Canada:

PlanPrice (CAD)Price (USD)
Monthly PlanCAD 8.04$5.99
Annual PlanCAD 87.21$64.99
2-Year PlanCAD 132.84$99.00

Why Is FOX TV Not Available In Canada?

Fox TV cannot be streamed in Canada due to issues with content license and streaming rights. 

The streaming service can only be streamed in the United States, and any person who tries to stream from outside the United States will receive an error message telling them that the video is unavailable in their location.

When Will FOX TV Be In Canada?

We are still determining an exact time when Fox TV will be available in Canada. 

We can only keep our fingers crossed and hope that the various streaming rights and content license issues will be resolved soon and Fox TV will be made available in Canada soon.

What To Watch On FOX TV In Canada

Many great shows and movies are available on Fox TV, and you will certainly have something interesting to watch each day. Here are some of the movies and shows to expect on Fox TV.

  • Don’t forget the lyrics
  • Masterchef
  • Mental samurai
  • Alter ego
  • The resident
  • 9-1-1
  • The cleaning lady
  • The great north
  • Call me Kat
  • Duncanville
  • Best shazam
  • So you think you can dance
  • Bob’s burger
  • The Simpsons
  • Housebroken
  • Pivoting
  • Welcome to Flatch

Why You Need A TV Provider Even If You Have Fox TV Through Antenna

You will need a TV provider to view Fox TV, and here is why. Let us assume that the NBA gives a license to Fox TV to show NBA games, but the license limits the number of people who can view the games to only people who have a cable pass or provider link. 

This is quite fair, and if you want to watch the games, you will need a TV provider to do so. 

What the TV provider does is give you access to the NBA games while limiting it to only people who have a subscription. 

However, this will mean signing up for a cable subscription with any provider in the US.

Compatible Devices For Streaming Fox In Canada

Fox TV can be streamed on any device Compatible Devices or any streaming services mentioned above. Some of these devices are:

  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Chromecast
  • Smart TV
  • Apple devices
  • Android devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access Fox TV on Amazon Prime?

You can get access to view Fox TV on Amazon Prime. However, you must make separate payments when you access Fox TV through Amazon Prime.

How much does Fox Now cost per month?

The Fox NOW is free to download and install, just like its online counterpart. 
However, you will need to have a cable subscription before you will be able to stream the contents of Fox NOW. 

How many channels does Fox TV have?

Fox TV owns several TV channels. These channels are:
FX and FXX
FS1 and FS2
Fox Business Channel
Fox news channel
Fox Deportes


Fox TV offers much entertaining content, and you can now get easy access to it after learning how you use a VPN tool to do that. 

The VPN tool will easily bypass geo-restriction and grant you access to Fox TV.

A VPN also offers you excellent online security while you browse, keeping you from being snooped on and protecting your online privacy.

You can also check out how to watch these streaming platforms in Canada:

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