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How To Watch IQIYI In Canada, Sign Up, Prices, And More

You probably know all about the Netflix streaming service due to its popularity worldwide. 

Netflix is one of the world’s most popular video streaming platforms due to its vast library of blockbuster movies.

However, have you heard of the ‘Netflix of China’? If not, then you have this article for you. IQiyi is one of China’s biggest video streaming platforms, nicknamed the ‘Netflix of China.’ 

The platform has a good reason for attaining such a name. Unlike the real Netflix, IQIYI allows users in China to access most of its content for free. 

However, those outside China will have to pay for a premium subscription plan before accessing the content on the video streaming platform. 

So if you want to watch the video streaming platform for free, you need to use a VPN to change your Canadian IP address to Chinese before you can watch it for free.

Today’s guide will look at how you can watch IQIYI for free in Canada by using a VPN tool. So without wasting any further time, let us get to it.

How To Watch IQIYI In Canada

To get free access to IQIYI in Canada, subscribe to a VPN before accessing the website. 

If you still need to, you must pay for a subscription plan before you can view what the platform offers. 

You can use a good VPN such as Private Internet Access to access IQIYI without issues and stream its movies and shows for free in Canada. 

Please follow the steps below on how you can get to watch IQIYI for free in Canada.

  1. Get a plan with a VPN such as Private Internet Access
  2. Download the VPN app and sign in after it has finished downloading
  3. Connect the VPN app to the China or Hong Kong server
  4. Now, go to the IQIYI website and click on any movie you would like to watch
  5. The film will start streaming for you
private internet access unblocks iqiyi
Private internet access unblocks IQIYI

So this is how you can get to watch IQIYI in Canada. You must sign up for a VPN before accessing the website and its content. 

You cannot access IQIYI directly due to the content license and copyright issues. 

With the VPN, you can quickly bypass these geo-restrictions and stream all the movies and shows you like on the platform.

How To Get IQIYI On Your Mobile Device

Suppose you want to stream the platform on your mobile device while on the go; here is how you can do so. 

The IQIYI app is available for both Android and IOS devices. You only need to download the app and install it on your device. 

Please follow the steps below to get the IQIYI app on your mobile device.

  1. Open your internet browser and search for the IQIYI app
  2. Download the app and install it on your mobile device
  3. Open your PIA VPN app and connect to either the Chinese server or the Hong Kong server
  4. Now, open the IQIYI app and start watching the movies and shows on the service.

Apart from searching for the app online, you can also download it from your Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

How To Sign Up For IQIYI In Canada

  1. Connect the VPN app to the server in Hong Kong
  2. Go to the IQIYI website. You can also use the IQIYI app if you prefer that
  3. Click on the ‘login’ button
  4. Scroll down till you locate the ‘sign up button and click on it
  5. Now select how you would like to sign up. You can use either your email, Facebook, Starhu,b or Google account to sign up
  6. Input the necessary details after choosing your signup option, and you are done

You just signed up for IQIYI in Canada. You can now start streaming. 

How Much is IQIYI In Canada?

Most of the content on IQIYI is free to watch only if you are in China. If you are not in China, you will have to get a subscription plan which will cost you $5.99 per month before you can access the movies and shows on the platform. Below is how the overall pricing stacks up.

  • Standard monthly- CAD 8.18
  • Normal yearly- CAD 81.90
  • Premium monthly- CAD 12.27
  • Premium yearly- CAD 122.85

Is There A Free Trial Period Offered By IQIYI In Canada

IQIYI has most of its content for free, so no free trial period is available. Residents in China can get to stream the platform for free. 

However, being outside China requires you to sign up for a subscription before you can watch. Apart from this, the streaming service is free to watch in China.

Is A VPN Needed To Watch IQIYI In Canada

You can use a VPN to watch IQIYI in Canada to access it for free. The platform offers the majority of its content for free to Chinese residents. 

Therefore if you want to watch it for free, you need a VPN. If you are not in China and do not use a VPN, you must purchase a subscription plan before you can watch anything on the platform.

Here Are Some Of The Best VPNs To Access IQIYI In Canada

Private Internet Access

private internet access unblocks iqiyi
Private Internet Access Unblocks IQIYI

A single PIA account caters to up to 10 simultaneous connections, enhancing its value proposition. Moreover, PIA boasts state-of-the-art security features, including 256-bit AES encryption, DNS leak protection, and a kill switch.

Upholding a rigorous no-logs policy, PIA surpasses many VPNs, carefully avoiding even connection logs, making it an ideal choice for privacy-minded users.

PIA offers an extensive selection of apps catering to Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and Amazon Fire TV enthusiasts.

In addition, users can conveniently install PIA browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.


expressvpn unblocks iqiyi
Expressvpn unblocks IQIYI

This is the most recommended VPN for accessing streaming services and websites that have been blocked in Canada. It comes with great unblocking ability along with decent security and privacy features.


surfshark unblocks iqiyi
Surfshark unblocks IQIYI

Surfshark is excellent for unblocking streaming services and websites. Its unblocking ability is decent enough, and it also has impressive speeds for smooth streaming.


nordvpn canada

This is a premium VPN with an extensive server network worldwide. Has extraordinary unblocking abilities and security features.



PrivateVPN has what it takes to unblock streaming services in Canada with minimal effort. You can use this VPN to access the IQIYI platform easily and stream all your favorite Chinese historical dramas and shows.

What To Watch On IQIYI In Canada

IQIYI has a lot of content on its platform for users to watch. Apart from Chinese movies, historical shows, and dramas, you can also watch Western movies and shows. 

Below are some films and TV shows you can watch on IQIYI after connecting to your VPN app.

  • Out With a Bang
  • The Love Between Fairy and Devil
  • The Rap of China
  • Checkmate
  • Standing in Time
  • Time Teaches Me to Love
  • The Shining One
  • The Legend of Zu
  • Lost in the Kunlun Mountains
  • Perfect Match
  • The Heart of Genius
  • Tientsin Mystery
  • The Fake Spouse
  • My Cute Husband
  • Two Brothers
  • Ten Years Later
  • Unforgettable Love
  • Then Thunder
  • Oh No, Here Comes Trouble
  • Love Star
  • The Bride with the White Hair
  • Wu Kong
  • Wings Over Everest
  • The Best Friend
  • The Trust
  • Thirteen Years of Dust
  • Romance Beyond Romance
  • The Writer’s Odyssey
  • The Magical Women
  • The Song of Glory
  • And the Winner Is Love
  • Thin Ice
  • Ode to Joy 4
  • Till the End of the Moon
  • Wow! Your Little Temper
  • Cute Bad Guy
  • The Rescue
  • Into the Dark
  • Beauty of Resilience
  • Men in Love

Devices That Are Compatible With IQIYI In Canada

You can stream IQIYI in Canada easily with the following devices and operating systems.

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Mac
  • Android devices
  • IOS devices
  • Roku
  • LG smart TV
  • Samsung smart TV
  • GoogleChromecastt 
  • Amazon fireTV and firestick

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the language on IQIYI be changed

No, you cannot do this. It is impossible to change the language on IQIYI. However, you could use Google to translate the language so you understand what you are reading on the platform.

Can I get English subtitles on IQIYI?

Yes. The streaming service offers several subtitles for viewers who are not Chinese so they can understand what they are watching. You can also get the following subtitles on IQIYI besides the English subtitles.
These are the subtitles available on the streaming service. 

Can I access IQIYI in Canada safely?

Yes, you can. The platform is relatively safe to watch. It is a legal platform that can be accessed on the internet or its app.


One of the most popular video streaming services in China is IQIYI. It is a platform with a large following where people can watch Chinese movies and dramas. 

The majority of the content on the forum is free as long as you are in China. If you are outside China, you must get a subscription before watching its content.

We hope this article has been helpful to you today and that you now know about IQIYI and how to access it in Canada.

If you also want to try out streaming platforms that are available in Canada, then you can check out our review on the Kanopy streaming platform.

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