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Our Best Live Streaming Services In Canada

Most popular streaming services today focus on the showcase of movies and TV shows without offering an option for users to watch live TV. 

Due to this, people who love watching live TV end up paying a lot of money to get it on cable TV. 

However, some streaming platforms still offer live TV, saving you a good amount of money each month. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best streaming platforms in Canada that offer Love TV as their service. 

These streaming services operate just like cable TV. The only difference here is that they are cheaper to watch.

Best Live Streaming Services In Canada

Let us now take a look at the best live TV streaming services in Canada:

  • Mozi
  • Fubo TV
  • Paramount Plus Premium
  • Xumo TV
  • Roku Channel
  • Pluto TV Live
  • Sling Blue
  • Philo TV
  • Hulu With Live TV
  • Showtime
  • Peacock TV



This is a new streaming service that is free to watch. It goes by the branding of ‘home of free TV’. 

The streaming service is relatively easy to use and its navigation between the channels is also accessible. 

On Mozi, you will get access to news programs such as CBS News, kids programs such as Nick Jr, documentaries such as National Geographic, and weather programs such as Fox Weather. 

Mozi is made up of curated live streams from YouTube, and it is an excellent source for anyone in Canada looking to watch live TV on a free streaming platform. 

Mozi also emphasizes quality, unlike other free streaming platforms such as Xumo and Pluto, which are about quantity.


Fubo TV Canada

One of the best streaming services in Canada for watching soccer is Fubo TV

The streaming has exclusive rights to broadcast the English Premier League and the Italian series A. 

The streaming platform also offers other sporting channels such as Big Ten Network and MLB Network, in its lineup. 

There are also some entertainment channels, such as HGTV, Food Network, and Paramount Network, in the streaming platform’s lineup.

Paramount Plus Premium

sign up on paramount plus step 1

This streaming service has a style similar to that of Netflix. It offers movies and TV shows on-demand, with some of them being Yellowstone and The Good Fight. 

However, hopping over to the premium plan of the streaming services allows you to get access to live TV as well. 

The live TV comes from CBS local channels, CBS News, CBS Sports, and ET Live. There are also some live sporting events, such as NFL on CBS Live.

Subscribers also get on-demand access to Comedy Central, MTV, BET, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, Smithsonian Channel, and Paramount Pictures.

Subscribers get their hands on this n-demand content along with the live TV for a monthly subscription fee of just $11.99. 

This also allows subscribers to access all of the content by Showtime, including movies and TV shows such as Dexter, Yellowjackets, and Billions. 

They also get access to Showtime’s coverage of sporting events such as football, MMA, and boxing. 

Xumo TV


Xumo TV is a streaming platform that takes streaming back to its roots. The platform is an ad-free service steadily gaining momentum in the video streaming industry. 

It offers free live TV, along with on-demand content from more than 190 channels in its lineup. 

Users can access the streaming platform through their smart TVs or the internet on browsers. 

They can also download the streaming platform’s app onto their mobile devices to stream it while on the go. 

You can even access the contents of the streaming service without signing up for an account.

Roku Channel

How To Watch Roku Channel In Canada, Sign Up, Prices, And More

Although the Roku channel does not have what it takes to replace a top streaming service like Netflix or Sling TV, it is still an excellent add-on if you already have a Roku device in your home. 

Its selection of live channels may be limited, but the content you get is worth it. You get access to live sports, news, and entertainment. 

Pluto TV Live

pluto tv

Although streaming services usually do not come cheap, you can still get access to live TV streaming for free if you know exactly where to look. 

With Pluto TV live, you can access over 250 live channels even without signing an account upfront. 

The streaming service is owned by Viacom, and although it may not have as many channels as a cable TV would have, it is still more than enough for whatever you may want to watch, be it news, sports, or entertainment. 

The best part about all this is that you can watch all this for free. You will not have to spend any money to get all these channels.

Sling Blue

Sling TV Canada. How To Watch, Sign Up, Prices, And More

With this package from Sling TV, you are allowed to control what you watch on your TV with more than 40 channels at your disposal. 

Subscribers can stream live and on-demand content at any time. This all comes for $40 per month. 

Subscribers can customize their package and subscribe to curated add-on channels if they are not content with the ones initially offered. 

Sling Blue offers channels such as CNN, bravo, Bloomberg Television, BBC America, BET, AXS TV, Cheddar Big News, Fx News, and many more. 

Philo TV

Philo TV Canada How To Watch, Sign Up, Prices, And More

Philo TV has more than 60 channels, unlimited DVR storage, and multiple streaming, all offered for just $25 a month. 

You can watch Live TV on Philo TV, one of the best alternatives to cable TV. 

However, there are some downsides with this live TV streaming service as it does not offer any sports channels. 

So if you are cool with not getting to watch, then Philo TV is a great deal for you to get. 

You can gas FETC, Discovery Life, Discovery Family, Destination America, catchy comedy, BET Her, BET, BBC World News, and Motherless. Only sports channels are missing from its lineup.

Hulu With Live TV


Hulu is one of the best streaming services to get if wanting to watch live TV in Canada. 

With Hulu with live TV, Hulu subscribers can access TV shows and movies in the Hulu library along with 75 local, national, and regional live channels. 

This all comes for $65 per month. This is compared to other premium streaming services offering such packages as add-ons at a fee. 

Hulu with live TV gives you access to unique channels such as CBS News, CNN International, CNBC, Adult Swim, ESPN, Food Network, FXX, and many other unique and exciting channels.


Showtime Canada, How To Watch, Sign Up, Prices, And More

This on-demand service operates within the US and charges a monthly subscription fee of $10.99. 

However, you can still get it in Canada with VPN assistance. You get access to many movies, and originals can also be accessed as add-ons. 

Showtime was initially available only on Apple devices. However, the streaming platform has now extended its coverage to Android, PlayStation game consoles, and Amazon Fire devices. 

Subscribers who have subscribed to the TV service get access to the on-demand content for free.

Peacock TV

Peacock TV Canada How To Watch, Sign Up, Prices, And More

This is a streaming service owned by NBC, and it comes with both free and paid versions. 

The free version allows users to access over 13,000 hours of content supported by ads. 

They also have the option to upgrade to the premium version for more content. 

The premium version comes with two plans, allowing users to access the whole catalog of Peacock TV, which comprises about 2,000 movies and TV shows. 

Every episode of an NBC original is included with this plan, along with next-day access to all new series episodes as well as that of any ongoing NBC series. 

You get access to the Jimmy Fallon show as well as several other talk shows. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which live TV streaming service is the best in Canada?

The best ones are the 100% free streaming platforms. However, the choice will depend on the kind of content you wish to watch and whether you are willing to pay to watch it or not.

Which is the cheapest live TV streaming service in Canada?

The cheapest live TV streaming service you will get in Canada is the free streaming platforms such as Mozi and Xumo. 
These are free and offer live TV content. However, they do not have the same number of channels as the paid streaming services.


 these are some of the best live TV streaming services in Canada at the moment. 

You can get access to live for free with most of these while others that charge offer better channels along with sports.

We hope this article has been helpful to you today. Get any of these streaming services and start watching your favorite live TV today.

Other streaming platforms and how to watch them in Canada:

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