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Rai TV Canada: How To Watch, Sign Up, Prices, And More

One of the most popular streaming services in Italy is Rai TV. There are many local and foreign programs to watch in Italy on Rai TV. 

Viewers can watch amazing shows and movies such as Ladies Paradise, Rocco Schiavone, The Sea Beyond, and Do Not Hate. 

Apart from these movies and shows, you can also find several channels that show sports and documentaries. 

Rai TV is also a free streaming platform. This means that you do not need to sign up for any subscription plans before you can start streaming its content. Everything offered on Rai TV is free. 

If you are an Italian living in Canada, you may have been trying to gain access to Rai TV, only to find out that you need access. 

This is because Rai TV can only be streamed in Italy. Once you get outside Italy, you cannot access it anymore because you are out of its jurisdiction. 

However, you can stream Rai TV in Canada quickly with a good VPN tool like the one we will show you in this article. 

The VPN tool is what will help you bypass the geo-restriction that has been placed on the streaming service. 

Here Is How To Watch Rai TV In Canada With A VPN Tool

  1.  Download CyberGhost VPN and install it. You then open it and connect it to the Italian server from the list that will be shown to you.
  2.  After making sure that the connection to the server is successful, visit the website of Rai TV, and you can start streaming its content. 

The VPN tool mentioned here makes it easy for you to gain access to the Italian streaming service. 

Accessing Rai TV in Canada with the VPN will be possible. So the VPN tool is essential if you want to watch Rai TV while in Canada. 


Recommended VPNs For Watching Rai TV In Canada

Before you can watch Rai TV in Canada, you will need a VPN tool to change the location of your streaming device. 

This is necessary because without the VPN, the IP trackers of the streaming service will detect your actual location as Canada, and they will block you from gaining access. 

With the VPN tool, your online location is changed from Canada to the server in Italy. 

So when the IP trackers come in as you try to access the website, they will not be able to find your actual location, and you will be granted access to the platform. 

That is basically what the VPN tool does. However, not all VPN tools can accomplish this. 

Some are good at online security, while others can bypass geo-restrictions. 

Others can perform all two, and those are the types we need for this to work. Below are some of the best VPN tools to help you access Rai TV in Canada.

  •  ExpressVPN
  •  PIA VPN
  •  NordVPN
  •  PrivateVPN
  •  Surfshark
  •  CyberGhost 
  •  Hotspot Shield 


Private Internnet Access

private internet access (PIA) VPN

In terms of expansive server choices, Private Internet Access (PIA) effortlessly takes the spotlight. With an ample array of servers in strategic Italy locations, it outperforms several competitors in the VPN industry.

Topping the speed rankings among VPNs, PIA registers average speeds of 94 Mbps. Thanks to this velocity, your Rai TV and GloboPlay viewership remains free from disruptions or buffering times.

Sporting multiple devices? PIA has you covered. A single PIA plan facilitates up to 10 concurrent connections, significantly broadening its utility.

PIA’s potent security provisions, encompassing 256-bit AES encryption, DNS leak safeguarding, and a kill switch, inspire confidence.

Additionally, its strict no-logs policy stands out, surpassing various VPNs by even rebuffing connection logs—making it a perfect choice for users attentive to their privacy.

PIA offers compatibility with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and Amazon Fire TV – a range of platforms coupled with convenient browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.




ExpressVPN canada

Relishing uninterrupted viewing of your favorite RAI TV shows is no longer a wish with ExpressVPN. It offers a network of 3000+ blazing-fast servers sprawled across 90+ countries, including Italy.

ExpressVPN skilfully unblocks several streaming services, including RAI TV in Canada, BBC iPlayer, and others, from any part of the world. Additionally, it extends compatibility with a diverse array of devices, including Android, Windows, Fire Stick, Linux, macOS, and iOS.

ExpressVPN’s impressive speeds, achieving 89.75 Mbps out of 100 Mbps in speed assessments, allow you to enjoy HD quality RAI TV, connecting up to 5 devices simultaneously under one account.




nordvpn canada

Are you a VPN seeker with a preference for abundant server options? NordVPN is just for you. Hosting over 5200 servers in 59+ countries, including Italy.

Unblocking RAI TV in Canada, BBC iPlayer, and several other streaming platforms is an effortless task with NordVPN. Moreover, you can enjoy high-definition RAI TV content free of buffering issues.

NordVPN extends user-friendly apps compatible with a multitude of devices, such as iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, Android, and Fire Stick.

Also, NordVPN doesn’t disappoint in speed, hitting speeds of 79.5 Mbps out of 100 Mbps during speed evaluations.


How To Get Rai TV In Canada

You can get Rai TV on your mobile devices through the following steps:

How To Get Rai TV In Canada On Your Android

  1. Connect the CyberGhost VPN tool to the Italian server and get a connection.
  2.  Create a new Gmail account and use Italy as your country by changing the country/region in the settings of the Android Play Store app.
  3.  Now, open the Play Store app again and download the Rai TV Android app on your Android device.
  4.  After installing the Rai TV app, open it and sign in, and you can start streaming all the international content on offer. 

How To Get Rai TV In Canada On Your IOS

  1.  Open the VPN tool and connect it to the Italian server.
  2.  Open the Apple app store and click on your account profile.
  3.  Now, go to ‘country/region’ and change the country from Canada to Italy, and agree to the following terms and conditions.
  4.  Fill out the following form and search on Google for an Italian address to fill in. It will work well. 
  5.  After the country change has been completed, open the Apple app store again, download the Rai TV app, and install it on your device.
  6.  After the installation is done, you will now be able to enjoy the free content offered by Rai TV in Canada. 

How To Sign Up For Rai TV In Canada

Since Rai TV is free to stream, there is no sign-up needed. All you have to do now is to get a premium VPN tool and connect it to the Italian server. 

You then visit the Rai TV website, and you will be able to start streaming what the platform offers in its library. 

There is no sign-up to be done on Rai TV. It is a free streaming service in Italy.

How Much Is Rai TV In Canada 

Rai TV is free to watch in Italy. This also means that you will get it for free when you gain access to it with the VPN tool. 

Since the free streaming service makes signing up for any subscription plan unnecessary. 

All you need is to invest the money in a good VPN tool, and you can watch Rai TV for as long as you wish.

Why Is Rai TV Not In Canada

Rai TV is only shown in Italy. Due to this, its programming has been restricted to the Italians alone. 

When you open the Rai TV website outside Italy, you will get an error message stating, “The content streaming is available in Italy only. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

This error message means that your IP address was found to be outside of Italy, so you were restricted from gaining access to the streaming platform. 

So as we can see, Rai TV can only be accessed in Italy. However, you can access Canada’s streaming platform if you have a VPN tool like the one in this article below. 

When Is Rai TV Coming To Canada

We cannot say this for sure as the streaming service is held back due to the geo-restriction placed in it. 

We must determine when Rai TV will be allowed to stream within Canada. 

However, with a VPN tool, you will be able to gain access to the streaming service without any issues at all. 

What To Watch On Rai TV In Canada

There are many movies and shows you can watch on Rai TV. If you want some of the best movies and shows in Italy, here is what you can expect on Rai TV.

  •  Silence
  •  Surface tension
  •  Spirited
  •  Little women
  •  Friends for life
  •  The things I haven’t told you
  •  Always friends
  • Concert for peace
  • 1917
  • Pinocchio
  • Palm springs
  • DOC- in your hands
  • The white lotus
  • Inspector Montalbano
  • Blanca
  • Don Matteo
  • Vivi E Lascia Vivere
  • Medici
  • Wednesday
  • Che tempo che fa
  • Inspector Ricciardo
  • Inspector Coliandro
  • Outside night
  • Sophie cross
  • Suburra
  • Crossroads
  • People show with Geppi Cucciari
  • Leonardo
  • My brilliant friend
  • Stay with me
  • The fantastic world of Zoey
  • Beforeigners
  • Foodie love
  • Pure
  • Stalk
  • Mental
  • Liberi Tutti
  • Passeggeri notturno
  • Lamia jungle
  • Euphoria 

Rai TV Compatible Devices

These are the compatible devices that can be used in streaming Rai TV in Canada. 

  •  Kodi
  •  Android TV
  •  Amazon fire stick
  •  Smart TVs
  •  Android devices
  •  Apple devices
  •  Windows computers
  • Roku 
  • Internet browsers 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Can I get to watch Rai TV easily in Canada

You can watch Rai TV in Canada online or through its app. However, for both instances, you must download a VPN tool to mask your location before you can watch. With the VPN tool, access to Rai TV outside of Italy will be possible because Rai TV has been restricted to Italy alone. It can only be accessed in Italy.

 What is the channel number of Rai TV on DirecTV?

You can also get to watch Rai TV on DirecTV. The channel number of Rai TV on DirecTV is number 2021. Please note that you will still need a VPN tool to access DirecTV before you can watch Rai TV on it.

 Can I get Rai TV on Sling TV in Canada?

Yes. You can watch Rai TV content through the add-on package known as ‘Panorama Italiano.’


With the steps we have shown here, you can use them to get access to Rai TV quickly. As we have seen, you must download and install a VPN tool to bypass geo-restriction. 

You can trust to use any of the VPN tools the Web has listed in this article as they have been tested, and they have both the capability to bypass geo-restriction and the security needed to keep you safe while you are online. If your favorite streaming platform is Philo TV, you can also watch Philo TV in Canada by following our guide here.

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