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How To Watch Roku Channel In Canada, Sign Up, Prices, And More

The Roku device is one of the best streaming devices you can get for your streaming. 

The device focuses on concentrating streaming channels into one platform. 

This allows you to get access to your favorite shows and movies across different streaming services all under a single subscription with the Roku device. 

If you have been looking for a cheaper way to stream movies and shows in Canada, you may have probably thought of the Roku Channel and wondered if you could access it in Canada. 

Well, to use this device in Canada, you must enlist a VPN’s help. 

This is because you may try to access your favorite channel on the device, only to realize that you cannot access it. After all, it is not available in Canada. 

So in this article, we will be looking at how you can watch the Roku channel in Canada without any issues. 

The main reason why you cannot access your favorite channels on Roku in Canada is that the content being shown by these channels has been geo-restricted, making them not available to stream in Canada. 

The channels cannot go ahead to showcase This content in Canada since they would be violating the copyright and distribution agreements they signed with the owners of the content.

So for this reason, you will need a VPN before you can access everything on the Roku channel in Canada. 

Let us now proceed to look at how you can watch the Roku Channel in Canada. 

How To Watch Roku Channel In Canada

You can only watch Roku in Canada after you have unblocked it with a VPN. 

The VPN cannot be installed directly on the Roku device either. However, there is still a way around it. Here is how to do it.

  1. Get a subscription plan with a VPN such as ExpressVPN
  2. Open your internet web browser on a device you have connected to the VPN router network.
  3. Now go to and sign in with your account details
  4. Get the router connected to the VPN server in the US. Choose the New York server
  5. Now, match the location of your Roku account to the VPN server location that was chosen for your router
  6. Go to settings, then to ‘network’, and then to ‘set up on the Roku device
  7. Choose ‘wired’ if you are making the connection over Ethernet or choose ‘wireless’ if you are connecting over a Wi-Fi connection (the Roku will then check for local Wi-Fi networks)
  8. Choose a network that is associated with the router running the ExpressVPN networks from the list that will appear and input your Wi-Fi password
  9. Make sure that the status bar on your Roku shows ‘connected’ before proceeding
  10. Your Roku will now be connected to a server in the United States and can now be used to watch the Roku channels in Canada.
expressvpn unblocks roku channel
expresssVPN unblocks Roku channel

How To Sign Up For Roku Channel In Canada

You can create an account on the Roku channel with the easy steps below:

  1. Have your router connected to the US VPN server with the help of ExpressVPN
  2. Have a device connected to your router and use that device to download the Roku app
  3. Open the app after it has been downloaded and click on the user icon located at the top corner of your screen
  4. Click on ‘sign in’ and choose ‘create a free account
  5. Input the information required and submit it
  6. The free account of Roku does not require any subscription fees. You will however pay after you subscribe to a premium service such as Netflix or when you buy and rent movies as well as other services from your device.

How To Get The Roku Channel On Your IOS And Android Device In Canada

Roku channel can be streamed on mobile smartphone devices as well. Let us look at how to do that below.

How To Get The Roku Channel On Your IOS Devices

Here is how you can get the Roku channel on your IOS devices in Canada. 

  1. Change the location of your IOS device to the US. This can be done in the settings of our device
  2. Install a VPN on the device and connect it to the US server
  3. Open the Apple app store and download the Roku app
  4. Open the app after installation is complete and sign up for a free account
  5. After the account has been created, you can start streaming right away on the Roku app on your IOS device in Canada 

How To Get The Roku Channel On Your Android Devic

  1. Install a VPN app and connect it to the US server
  2. Download the Roku channel app from the Google Play Store and install it on your Android device
  3. Open the installed app and sign up for a free account
  4. Once the account has been created, you can start streaming the Roku channel on your Android device in Canada.

How Much Is Roku Channel In Canada

You do not pay any subscription fees when you create a free account on the Roku channels. 

However, you will have to pay when you sign up for a premium platform such as Netflix which is not free. 

The Roku channel itself is free and users do not need to pay anything for using it. 

You only pay when you add premium streaming channels like Disney Plus and Netflix.

Is A VPN Needed To Watch Roku Channel In Canada

You need a VPN to watch the Roku channels since not all the channels you try to access will be available in Canada. 

So before using the Roku channel, you need to get a VPN such as ExpressVPN to unblock any geo-restriction that will be on any of the channels. 

Apart from ExpressVPN, you can also use the following VPNs to watch the Roku channel in Canada.

  • NordVPN
  • CyberGhost
  • PrivateVPN
  • PIA
  • Surfshark
  • PureVPN 

Best VPNs For Unblocking Roku Channels in Canada



ExpressVPN canada

ExpressVPN is your go-to choice for turbo-charging your streaming experience on Roku in Canada. With a vast network of servers spanning the globe, ExpressVPN delivers lightning-fast and stable connections.

Connecting to their servers is like teleporting your internet to the Great White North, helping you conquer geo-restrictions and enjoy those coveted Roku channels in Canada. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind that your online activities remain as private as your secret maple syrup stash.

Not to mention, ExpressVPN’s user-friendly interface and 24/7 customer support are like having a friendly Canadian neighbor next door, ready to help you set up and troubleshoot any hiccups.



nordvpn canada

NordVPN, our Nordic warrior, stands ready to help you change your router location and stream Roku content in Canada. They’ve got servers all over the globe, including special ones designed for seamless streaming.

But it’s not just about the streaming – NordVPN takes your online security seriously. With encryption protocols that could rival the Enigma machine, you can trust NordVPN to keep your online activities locked up tighter than a Viking treasure chest.

Their user-friendly interface and top-notch customer support mean you’ll be sailing through the setup process faster than a longship on a conquest.




Need a VPN that’s as user-friendly as Casper the Friendly Ghost? Enter CyberGhost! Their extensive server network ensures a reliable and speedy connection for all your Roku streaming needs.

Installing and using their VPN software is easier than saying “Boo!” Plus, they’ve got your back with robust security features like encryption and a strict no-logs policy.

With live chat support as friendly as a ghostly apparition, they’re there to help with any questions or concerns that may haunt you.




Don’t let PrivateVPN’s smaller server network fool you. They might not have servers sprouting like maple trees, but they sure do pack a punch when it comes to speed and stability.

Your online privacy is their top priority, with strong encryption and a no-logs policy that’s as solid as a hockey puck. And guess what? They’re super friendly and have user-friendly apps, making setup a breeze.


Private Internnet Access

private internet access (PIA) VPN

PIA, also known as Private Internet Access, boasts an impressive server network across the globe. With them, you’ll breeze through geo-restrictions and dive headfirst into Canadian Roku goodness.

They’re all about user privacy, with encryption that’s tighter than a beaver’s dam and a strict no-logs policy to boot. And if you ever run into trouble, their user-friendly apps and top-notch customer support will have you sorted out faster than you can say “eh.”




Surfshark may be the new kid on the block, but they’re making waves with their growing server network. They promise fast and reliable connections that’ll have you riding the internet like a pro surfer.

Security is their jam, with advanced features and a no-logs policy that’s stricter than a lifeguard at a pool party. Plus, they’ve got your back with excellent customer support and the ability to connect as many devices as you have hockey pucks.



purevpn canada

PureVPN is your all-in-one solution for changing your router location and streaming Roku content in Canada. They’ve got servers all over the map, guaranteeing stable and speedy connections.

With security features that could rival a secret spy’s toolkit, your online activities are locked down tighter than a double-double at Tim Hortons.

And if you need a hand, their user-friendly apps and round-the-clock customer support are as reliable as the Northern Star.

Remember, while these VPNs are champions at changing your router location and accessing Roku channels in Canada, the quality of your streaming adventure can still depend on factors like your internet speed and the specific Roku channel you’re tuning into.

What To Watch On Roku Channel In Canada

roku channel

The library on Roku is always getting refreshed its library and there is always something interesting to watch. 

Here are some of the most popular shows and movies to watch on the Roku channel.

  • The midnight club
  • A Friend of the Family
  • Chicago PD
  • Let the right one in
  • Chucky
  • Interview with the Vampire
  • Walker independence
  • The Hellraiser
  • The good doctor
  • House of the Dragon
  • Pennyworth
  • While you were sleeping
  • The watch
  • Never been kissed
  • Burn after reading
  • Kindergarten cop
  • Little Fockers
  • You don’t mess with the Zohan
  • Terminator Salvation
  • Desperate riders 

Devices That Are Compatible With Roku Channel in Canada

You can install the Roku channel app on the following devices in Canada.

  • Amazon fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Smart TVs
  • Playstation 4 game console
  • Xbox game console
  • Android 5.0+ devices
  • Apple devices
  • Mac
  • Windows

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a VPN to watch the Roku channel legally in Canada?

Yes. You can use a VPN to watch the Roku channel in Canada without any issues. 
The VPN is atoll for the internet and as such, it can be used with anything that deals with the internet. You can use the VPN to watch the Roku channel easily.

Can I use a free VPN to watch the Roku channel in Canada?

You can do this if you do not care about your online privacy. Free VPNs do not charge you but they still make their money from selling ads on the platform and selling your info to third parties. 
This means that they in the exact opposite of what a VPN should do, which is to keep you anonymous when you are online.
So it is not advisable to use a free VPN to watch the Roku channel in Canada. You should get a premium VPN instead.

Can Roku be accessed in all countries?

Yes. You can get access to the Roku device and app in all countries. You will not have to worry about bringing the device along with you on a trip to realize that it cannot work there. It works everywhere and can be sent to any place. 


We have now seen that one of the best ways to watch movies and shows for cheap in Canada is through the Roku channel. 

However, for this to work perfectly, users will have to sign up for a plan with a VPN provider before they can stream all their movies and shows efficiently on the Roku channel without any issues. 

In this article, we have looked at how to set up the Roku channel with a VPN as well as the best VPNs to use with the app.

You now know how to set up your Roku channel and watch movies and shows for cheap in Canada.

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