The Best VPNs For iPhone Users In Canada

The Best VPNs For iPhone Users In Canada

A VPN app installed on your device can protect your online activities from hackers, cybercriminals, your ISP, and any other entity trying to monitor your online activities on any network. 

The VPN app adds a layer of security and privacy to your internet connection while encrypting everything transmitted on your network to ensure that no one else can access the information apart from yourself. 

Apart from this, a VPN is also used for bypassing geo-restrictions and accessing websites and streaming platforms that may have been blocked in Canada

The VPN allows you to check out websites only accessible in other countries. 

We do not know why you may want to use a VPN on your Apple iPhone device. 

However, there are many options to choose from when selecting a VPN for your Apple device, which this article will help you with. 

You do not just choose any VPN you come across. It must be a premium one that can provide the security and privacy you need.

If you are an Apple iPhone user living in Canada and looking to get a good VPN for your device, please keep reading to see the suggestions we have picked and why we picked them.



ExpressVPN canada

You may have heard this name before. Well, that is not surprising at all. Most websites and tech security experts consider ExpressVPN the top VPN to choose from in Canada. 

It is the best VPN to choose for your device. As we all know, Apple is highly strict regarding security on their devices, ensuring that hackers and cybercriminals cannot break into any Apple device. 

Therefore, adding the ExpressVPN app to this security already in the iPhone will undoubtedly upgrade the security strength of the device.

You can access over 148 servers located in over 98 countries and have the freedom to switch between servers any time you feel like doing so. 

You can also mark server locations that work better for you as ‘favorite’ so you can connect to them quickly the next time you return.

You, however, have access to the innovative location feature, which will recommend a server location for you based on your location. 

With security, the VPN app uses AES-356-bit encryption and mixes your traffic with other users to ensure you cannot be singled out. 

If you want to watch some geo-restricted movies, the VPN can also help with that. 

You can unblock Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Youtube TV, and many other streaming platforms restricted in Canada on your iPhone with the ExpressVPN app.

Price starts at $12.95 per month. A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered.



This VPN app is quite popular in Canada and is known to be effective. It is the next best choice if the price on ExpressVPN is above your budget. 

On CyberGhost, you are allowed to choose between four security profiles. These security profiles are:

  • Secure wi-fi
  • Secured streaming
  • Choose server
  • Anonymous Surfing

Each of these profiles comes with options suited to what you would be using them for. 

You can also use the CyberGhost VPN to stream platforms such as Netflix and Hulu easily in Canada. 

In case you find yourself in a country with limited internet access, such as China, you will not need to worry as the VPN can bypass any firewalls, allowing you to surf the Internet without restriction. 

CyberGhost also has more than 3000 servers all around the world, and they can be found in 60 countries. 

CyberGhost also uses AES-256-bit encryption to keep your files and online activities safe. 

It also has a no-logs policy, so you do not need to worry about anything getting traced back to you.

Price- starts at $12.99 per month, down to $5.99 if you choose annual payments.



nordvpn canada

This is another top VPN app that can be used in Canada for Apple devices. 

It is the fastest VPN app in Canada at the moment. The VPN is used by many people in Canada, and there is a good reason for that. 

NordVPN also has 300 services that you can choose from, and they are located within 60 countries around the world. 

With NordVPN, you can connect up to 6 devices all at the same time. This is quite great since most VPN providers allow up to only 5. 

If you are using many Apple devices, NordVPN is the best choice in Canada. 

The mobile app still gets the kill switch feature and the industry-standard AES-256-bit military-grade encryption. 

This makes the VPN one of the best when it comes to security. Apart from this, NordVPN also has excellent security and privacy-focused features. 

One such security feature is the advanced double encryption feature which takes your data through two layers of encryption. 

However, this may reduce the speed a bit, but security is better than speed. 

Unfortunately, iPhone users cannot get access to the second feature, which is known as CyberSec, and is used for blocking malicious websites so you do not visit them.

Price starts at $11.99 and comes with 7 days free trial period.


tunnelbear vpn canada

With TunnelBear, you get access to servers located in 20 countries. The VPN has a no-logs policy and uses AES-256-bit encryption to ensure the best security. The speeds offered are also quite decent. 

You get paired with the nearest tunnel to your location, although you can do this manually by scanning the app and choosing the preferred server. 

If your internet connection gets disrupted while you are online, the VPN will immediately activate its ‘vigilante mode’ feature to block all unsecured traffic until your internet connection is restored.

The downside with TunnelBear is that the servers are smaller than the VPNs above, and there are no profiles to choose from as you get with CyberGhost. 

Price starts at $, 9.99which decreases to $4.99 with the annual payment plan.



speedify vpn

The motto used by Speedify is that two connections are better than just one. 

This is known on the VPN as a ‘bonding VPN.’ Speedify may be a little famous in Canada, but the VPN is shaping up to join the top guys with the features it offers iPhone users in Canada.

One thing that sets this VPN apart is that it uses both your cellular and your Wi-Fi to connect simultaneously. 

You can see this as an improved version of a similar Apple feature. The wi-fi assist feature. 

When used on Speedify, Wi-Fi and cellular are merged into a single secure connection. Speedify also claims not to hold any logs. 

After you turn the VPN on, you will see speed-testing options built into the app shown on your screen, which tests the speed of the VPN before you use it. 

Regarding security, this VPN also uses AES-256-bit encryption to ensure better security at all times. 

You can also choose between two profiles known as Fastest and Torrent-friendly. You can also choose the server location manually yourself. 

You can get free accounts on Speedify with just 1 GB of monthly data. However, it is always better to upgrade to the premium version.

Price starts at $8.99 per month, which comes down to $4.99 with the annual plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to use a VPN in Canada?

Yes. You can use a VPN app in Canada to protect your online activities and keep your privacy; there is no law in Canada that is against this. 
So yes, you can use VPN apps in Canada on your iPhone without any worries. 

What is the best VPN for iPhone users in Canada?

The best option is ExpressVPN. However, you would go right with NordVPN too. If the prices charged on these two are above your budget, then the CyberGhost VPN is the best option. 

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So there you have it, folks. We looked at the best VPN apps for your Apple devices to keep your internet activities secure and private. 

The best ones would be ExpressVPN and NordVPN. If you shop on a budget, the next best one would be CyberGhost.

We hope today’s article has been beneficial, and you can now get a good VPN app for your iPhone and browse in peace. 

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