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Kayo Sports Canada: How To Watch, Sign Up, Prices, And More

Kayo Sports is an Australian sports streaming platform with premium services. 

Users can watch live and delayed broadcasts of various sports events on over 13 dedicated sports channels. 

Users will have to buy a subscription plan before they can watch any of the sports channels offered by Kayo Sports. 

If you are looking for one of the best-dedicated sports channels in Australia, Kayo Sports should be the one. 

The main target of the sports streaming service is people who prefer to avoid subscribing to cable or satellite TV providers. 

Kayo Sports was launched near the end of 2018 and garnered a following of more than 1 million by the start of 2021 in Australia. 

The Kayo Sports streaming service is available in Australia only.

How To Watch Kayo Sports In Canada

Kayo Sports can only be streamed by people who are living in Australia. You need to be in Australia to be eligible to stream the numerous sports channels that are available on the streaming service. 

The only way you can get to watch Kayo Sports in Canada is to use a VPN tool with the ability to bypass geo-restrictions. 

With a reliable VPN tool, you will be able to stream Kayo Sports in Canada without any issues at all. 

Below is how you can get access to Kayo Sports in Canada with the help of a VPN tool:

  1.  Download a CyberGhost VPN and install it on your device. After installing it, open it and set it up with your preferred credentials.
  2.  Connect the VPN tool to the Australian server from the list that pops out. For example, you can connect to the Melbourne server in Australia.
  3.  After the connection has been formed, open your internet browser, go to the Kayo Sports website, and log in with your account credentials.
  4.  After logging in, you cannot start watching the channels Kayo Sports has to offer.

Recommended VPN Apps For Streaming Kayo Sports In Canada

To get access to Kayo Sports in Canada, you must use a VPN tool to change your IP address to that of Australia before you can get access. 

Some VPN tools excel at this task more than others. Below are some of the best VPN tools to consider when you are looking to gain access to Kayo Sports inside Canada.

  •  ExpressVPN
  •  CyberGhost
  •  PIA VPN
  •  Hotspot Shield
  •  PrivateVPN
  •  NordVPN
  •  ReliableVPN




CyberGhost is like the superhero of VPNs. It’s got a whopping 7,000 servers scattered across 91 countries. A pretty big deal, right?

But it’s not just about the numbers, it’s fast as lightning too. If you’re chilling in Australia, expect download speeds to zoom up to 73.41 Mbps.

Grab a subscription and you can shield up to 7 of your gadgets from cyber baddies. With super-strong encryption, kill-switch tech, and split tunneling, your data will be kept extra safe.

Need some help? CyberGhost’s support team has got your back 24/7 via live chat or email. The coolest part? It only costs $2.18/month if you sign up for a three-year plan.

Plus, you’ll score an extra three months totally for free and, if you change your mind, there’s a 45-day money-back guarantee.




nordvpn canada

Next in the lineup, we’ve got NordVPN. With over 5,700 servers in 60 countries – including 242 in Australia – NordVPN is ticking all the boxes.

Expect speedy connections, the ability to hook up six devices at once, and specialty servers for sharing files.

Stuck in Canada and want to watch content available only in Australia? No sweat. NordVPN can unblock streaming channels like 9Now and SKY Sports just like that.

When it comes to security, NordVPN’s got your back. It offers super-customizable VPN settings, automatic ad-blocking, and malware scanners.




ExpressVPN canada

Right at the top of VPNs for Sky Sports, we have ExpressVPN. Like a boss, it unblocks stuff in no time, giving easy access to Sky Sports even from Canada.

ExpressVPN’s got you covered, not just in Australia, but across the globe. It has over 3,000 servers in 94 countries.

Known for its unbeatable speed, ExpressVPN constantly changes IP. Meaning? You’ll rarely have trouble unblocking Sky Sports.

Our tests, show streamed smoothly and buffer-free in HD. More? ExpressVPN’s got neat apps for all your devices and costs just $6.67/month on their 1-year plan.

Plus, you score an extra three months free. And hey, if it doesn’t live up to the hype? Get your money back within 30 days.


How To Get Kayo Sports In Canada On Your Mobile Device

You can get Kayo Sports for your mobile device through the following steps below:

  1.  Open the CyberGhost VPN app and connect it to the Australian server. The best server to use will be the Melbourne server.
  2.  Now, open your internet browser and search for the Kayo Sports APK file. Locate the file and download it. You then install it on your device.
  3.  After installing the app, open it and click the ‘sign in’ button.
  4.  Now, use your account credentials to sign in.
  5.  Once you are done signing in, you can now start watching both live and on-demand sports shows and events.

If you still need to sign up for an account on Kayo Sports, you can do so below in the following steps. 

How to Sign Up For Kayo Sports In Canada

Let us look at how you can sign up for the Kayo Sports streaming platform in Canada with the help of a reliable VPN tool. Please follow the steps shown below:

  1.  Connect your CyberGhost VPN tool on your device to the Melbourne Australian server
  2.  Now, open your browser and visit the Kayo Sports website. On the homepage, click on ‘New to Kayo? Try Free Now
  3.  Now, choose any subscription plan that suits your budget.
  4.  Now, purchase a gift card for your Kayo Sports subscription plan.
  5.  After paying for the subscription plan with your Kayo gift card, your signup will not be complete
  6.  You can now stream the 13 dedicated sports channels offered by Kayo Sports comfortably in your Canadian apartment without any problem.

Please always ensure that your device’s location has been turned off before you start this process. 

How Much Is Kayo Sports In Canada

Kayo Sports is a premium sports streaming service. This means that users need to sign up for a subscription plan before they can view the contents of the streaming platform. 

Kayo Sports offers three subscription packages, and they are as follows

  •  The One subscription package costs $25 per month, and it allows you to connect to only 1 screen
  •  The Basic subscription package costs $27.50 per month, and it allows you to connect up to 2 screen
  •  The Premium subscription package costs $35 per month, and it allows you to connect up to 3 screens

Why Is Kayo Sports Not In Canada

Trying to get access to Kayo Sports while you are outside Australia will be fruitless. 

This is because the sports streaming service has only been limited to Australian audiences. 

Anyone outside of Australia will receive an error message when they try accessing the streaming service. 

You will be told that you need permission to access the content on the platform simply because you are not in its coverage area. 

The main reason is that the service has been geo-restricted to Australia due to license agreements and copyright ownership. 

When Is Kayo Sports Coming To Canada

We are still determining when Kayo Sports will be available to stream in Canada. 

Since it has been restricted to Australia only, you must be in Australia before you can access it. 

Or, you can get a reliable VPN tool that can bypass the geo-restriction and access the streaming platform. 

Without the VPN tool, the only way to get access will be to move to Australia. 

However, with the VPN tool, you change your IP address from Canada to Australia, and you are good to go. 

You will not be detected, and you can stream the sports channels for as long as your subscription plan allows. 

What To Watch On Kayo Sports In Canada

There are several sports channels to watch on Kayo Sports. The streaming service offers subscribers 13 dedicated sports channels, which provide them with live and delayed sporting events. 

With these 13 dedicated sports channels, you can watch all your favorite sports events in Kayo Sports. 

Compatible Devices For Streaming Kayo Sports In Canada

Many devices can be used for streaming Kayo Sports in Canada. Below are some of these devices.

  •  Android devices
  •  Android TV
  •  Smart TV
  •  Apple devices
  •  Apple TV
  •  Internet browsers
  •  Windows computers
  •  Mac computers

Frequently Asked Questions

How many channels can I get on Kayo Sports?

Since the Kayo Sports streaming service is dedicated to sports, there are about over13 channels that are offered for your sports viewing pleasure. These channels can only be accessed after you pay for a subscription plan.

 Is Kayo Sports free?

Kayo Sports is not free. The platform is a premium sports channel. You will need to pay for a subscription plan before you can start watching any of the 13 dedicated sports channels it has to offer. 

Kayo Sports users have three plans from which they can choose, and the higher the plan, the higher the number of screens that can be connected. 

 Can I use a free VPN to stream Kayo Sports in Canada?

It is not advisable to try this. This is because free VPN tools usually do not have what it takes to safely bypass the geo-restriction that has been placed on the streaming service. 

They may also not be secure enough to keep you anonymous even if they can unblock the streaming platform, eventually getting you found out and blocked. 

If you want to access Kayo Sports in Canada quickly and safely, the best thing to do is to get a premium VPN tool. Using a free VPN will only be at your own risk.


So there we have it, folks. If you want to get to some of the best sports channels in the World, then Kayo Sports in Australia is the streaming platform you seek. 

However, as we have seen in this article, the streaming service can only be accessed by people who are living in Australia, and since you are not living there, you will need to use a VPN tool to change your web address so you can gain access to the sports streaming platform. 

There are several good VPN tools capable of bypassing the geo-restriction on the sports platform, and we have listed some of these for you in this article. 

Get any of these great VPN tools, and you can start watching your favorite sports events as soon as possible. 

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