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Here are our team of writers helping give verified information to Canadians and people across the globe:

Bernard Owusu

Bernard Owusu writer at sibyl.ca

Bernard Owusu is a writer focusing on VPN and streaming technology. Bernard has a wealth of knowledge and can help people optimize their streaming experience and improve their online privacy in Canada with his insightful guidance and helpful hints.

The articles written by Bernard cover subjects including streaming services, content suggestions, VPNs, data privacy, and internet safety.

Bernard is a well-known author in this area, and his work has appeared in renowned periodicals. For up-to-date details on streaming and VPN technology, see his most recent writings.

Sarah Trulsen

Sarah Trulsen

Sarah offers insightful advice and information to help people and organizations make wise financial decisions since she is thoroughly aware of the financial world. 

She writes on personal finance, investing tactics, money management advice, tax preparation, and financial literacy. 

Sarah is a go-to resource for navigating the complexity of money in Canada because of her experience and exciting writing style. 

Readers trust her, and she is regularly featured in reliable financial magazines. You can connect with Sarah at [email protected].

Danny Zubot

Danny Zubot

Danny Zubot is a is an alumnus of the University of Toronto and a renowned expert in mobile technology who focuses on the constantly changing field of mobile devices.

With a strong enthusiasm for technology and a wealth of knowledge, Danny offers insightful advice and helpful tips to assist people in navigating the evolving mobile sector.

The articles by Danny Zubot discuss smartphone evaluations, cutting-edge technologies, suggested apps, gadget comparisons, and mobile industry developments.

You can connect with Danny Zubot at [email protected].

Donny De Melo

Donny De Melo, writer at sibyl.ca

Donny De Melo is a writer who focuses on the dynamic technology field. With a passion for technology in general and a wealth of knowledge, Donny offers insightful commentary and helpful pointers to assist people in navigating the ever-changing technology scene.

Donny covers emerging trends, technology evaluations, software suggestions and reviews, cybersecurity, and business insights—Donny crafts all his topics by conducting rigorous research and being dedicated to accuracy.

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