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Sonnet Insurance Review: Insurance Products, How To Insure Your Properties, And How To Make A Claim

Purchasing insurance is something a lot of people prefer to avoid doing. 

Finding an insurance company with the best rates alone takes work. 

Purchasing insurance also usually goes hand in hand with events such as the purchase of a new car or home. 

You may already have a lot of work you need to attend to. 

However, purchasing insurance with Sonnet is an experience that will undoubtedly differ from all others. 

Today, we review what Sonnet insurance is all about and how it can help your life.

What Is Sonnet Insurance?

Sonnet Insurance is an insurance company based in Canada. It is one of the companies that have been changing the way people buy insurance in Canada. 

In response to the world going digital with each passing day, Sonnet has tasked itself with making insurance purchases easy and stress-free by being the first insurance company in Canada to sell insurance digitally. 

Buying insurance from Sonnet, whether home or car insurance, is all done digitally. 

Through this, the insurance company strives to make the insurance purchase process more simple and transparent. 

Sonnet has been awarded numerous times for its fantastic services to the people of Canada. It has received the following awards.

  • People’s Choice Insurance Canada Technology award
  • Guidewire Innovation award
  • Bronze for innovation in customer service

Sonnet is owned by Economical Insurance, also known as Definity Insurance, and was established in 1871. 

Sonnet was founded in 2016 and has been in operation for six years. 

Is Sonnet Insurance Legit?

Yes, Sonnet Insurance appears to be a legitimate insurance company based on my experience with them. They also have a “Great” rating on Trustpilot with an overall score of 4.1 out of 5.

Customers have praised Sonnet Insurance for their reasonable rates and responsive customer service. However, as with any insurance company, it’s essential to do thorough research and consider multiple factors, such as coverage options, customer reviews, and financial strength, to make an informed decision.

Why Sonnet Insurance Is Special

When selling insurance online in Canada, Sonnet Insurance has established itself as a leader in the field. 

The company uses data and analytics to ensure that its insurance application processes are fast and stress-free. 

Insurance processing can take as little as just 5 minutes on Sonnet. This is much better than sitting in an insurance office for hours before they finally serve you, not to mention the long questions you must answer during the application process.

You can get a quote quickly when you visit the Sonnet Insurance online portal. 

You can also buy and manage your insurance policy if you have already purchased insurance from Sonnet. 

There is also excellent customer experience feedback offered by Sonnet, with customers showing how they have fallen in love with the easy Sonnet platform and the offers from the company. 

Talking To A Representative From Sonnet

Getting a quote and buying your insurance policy can all be done online. You do not need to speak with any representative from the company. 

However, you can speak with a representative if you want. The insurance advisors of Sonnet can all be reached via email, chat, or phone, and they will discuss and help you choose the best insurance policy for you. 

These advisors are all licensed insurance agents, so there will be no cause to worry. 

Who Can Get Access To Sonnet Insurance?

As good as the company sounds, the sad part is that not all Canadians can access Sonnet Insurance. Some Canadian provinces need access to Sonnet. These provinces are:

  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • Newfoundland
  • Labrador

If you live in the provinces mentioned above, you can get access to Sonnet Insurance. 

People who can get access to Sonnet Insurance are those living in the provinces of:

  • Quebec
  • British Columbia
  • Nova Scotia
  • Alberta
  • Ontario
  • New Brunswick

Insurance Products Offered By Sonnet Insurance

The most popular insurance products Sonnet offers are its auto and home insurance products. 

However, there are other insurance policies available for purchase. These are:

  • Sonnet Condo insurance
  • Sonnet Pet insurance
  • Sonnet Tenant insurance
  • Sonnet Landlord Insurance

Sonnet Pet insurance

Sonnet Pet insurance as the name goes, is an insurance that is made for pets. This insurance policy is made to make sure your pet never lacks when need be.

Sonnet Tenant Insurance

Sonnet Tenant insurance covers tenants in case of emergencies and also when they want to move and rent another apartment. This service is available for people living in B.C., Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec.

Sonnet Landlord Insurance

Sonnet Landlord insurance is for a landlord who wants to protect their properties.

Sonnet condo insurance is a package for people living in Canada, this insurance covers a townhouse and all its contents such as personal belongings, sewer backup, and many more.

However, these insurance policies can only be accessed in some select provinces, not all eligible provinces stated above. 

The auto insurance policy offered by Sonnet is standard, and they keep you covered for collisions, liability concerns, and accident benefits. 

The company also offers customers rental insurance and roadside assistance. 

The coverage will be based on the value of your car, and your insurance deductible will be waived when there is a hit-and-run case.

The home insurance policy offered by Sonnet is also standard and covers you for extreme weather events. 

One advantage of Sonnet insurance is that the company will forgive the first insurance claim you make after joining them. 

This is quite a big deal since claims on your insurance are marked on your account and could cause your rates to increase the deductible for the insurance claim is also waived by Sonnet if it is $10,000 or above. This, however, does not include earthquake claims.

How To Apply For Sonnet Insurance Policy

How To Apply For Sonnet Insurance Policy

Applying for an insurance policy from Sonnet is easy and fast since everything is done online in the comfort of your home. 

All you have to do is visit the company’s website and request a quote, after which you will answer a few questions. 

These questions will seek to determine the kind of insurance policy you are looking for and the uses of your property or auto. 

If you rent your home or run a business from your home, this will affect the policy you are applying for. 

The auto insurance policy questions will ask about the make and model of your car. It will also ask if you are using winter tires on the car and a few more critical questions. 

After completing the application form, you will get a quote from the Sonnet algorithm. 

All theater information the company needs will be gathered by its data and analytics, preventing you from filling out tons of forms. 

The online platform is also relatively safe and uses a credit card such as VISA, MasterCard, or Amex for payment through a PayPal account. 

Payment processes are kept secure by the multifactor authentication used by Sonnet.

Another great advantage of Sonnet is that customers do not have to wait for their coverage to start. 

The coverage comes into effect on the day it is purchased. It can also come into effect on a day you specify.

Sonnet Insurance Rates

Sonnet’s insurance rates are affordable compared to other auto and home insurance companies in Canada. 

  • The home insurance policy has a median cost of $1,171 per year
  • The median for auto insurance is $1,706

Transparency is also expressed throughout the application process. The yearly insurance rates are always advertised directly on the Sonnet website. 

Making Insurance Claims From Sonnet Insurance

You can make insurance claims by calling 1-844-766-6384 and following the prompts. 

Getting Sonnet Insurance’s Best Rates

The insurance rates offered by Sonnet are competitive already. However, customers can get discounts through some of the company’s promotional offers. 

The best way to get a great deal on your Sonnet insurance policy is by bundling your auto and home insurance policies. 

This will get you up to a 20% discount. Another way to get discounts is by being part of a group that has a partnership with Sonnet. 

So the next time you go to work, you should ask your boss if he is part of any group affiliated with Sonnet Insurance. 

University alums of Canada can also be eligible for discounts if your alma mater partners with Sonnet. 

Sonnet Connect Platform

You can access the Sonnet Connect platform when you purchase an insurance policy from Sonnet Connect. 

This platform is a rewards program where insurance company customers get discounts, personalized content, and many others. 

The partners of Sonnet Insurance give these rewards. Sonnet Insurance partners include the following:

  • Nissan
  • CarFax
  • TurboTax
  • Wealthsimple

Advantages Of Sonnet Insurance

Many perks come with buying an insurance policy from Sonnet Insurance in Canada. 

Its digital application process is one of the fastest in Canada, and customers can have same-day coverage if needed. 

The rates charged by Sonnet are also one of the most competitive in Canada. 

Insurance policies can also be customized according to the customer’s preferences, allowing them to add more coverage to an insurance policy.

Sonnet also has a loyalty program where amazing discounts are offered to customers.

Disadvantages Of Sonnet Insurance

If you prefer physically seeing insurance advisors while purchasing a Sonnet insurance policy, you may not feel right with Sonnet. 

Although there are some mixed reviews about the company online, it is always advisable to take online reviews with a pinch of salt. 

Sonnet can also be accessed by select provinces, meaning that not everyone in Canada can get access to Sonnet.

Sonnet Insurance Location And Contact Details

The best way to contact the insurance company is by clicking the website’s ‘need help?’ button. 

A chat robot will then be connected to you, and you can get your questions answered. 

There is also a 24/7 emergency claims support service where customers can report incidents.

  • Phone: 1-844-766-6384
  • Address: 111 Westmount Road South, P.O. Box 2000. Waterloo, Ontario, N2l 4S4, Canada. 
  • The company’s website is www.https://sonnet.ca/ 
  • Sonnet’s CEO is Pankaj Mohan. 

Sonnet Insurance Working Hours

  • Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Sonnet rates cheap?

This may be because the company does not operate from any physical building. 
Everything is done online on the company’s website. It also has fewer employers, therefore giving fewer operating costs. Sonnet’s algorithm is also fast, ensuring less time is used when applying for an insurance policy. 

Is Sonnet Insurance legal?

Sonnet Insurance is a legitimate insurance company owned by Economical Insurance which is well-known in Canada. 
Sonnet has existed for six years, and the company is federally regulated. 


If you prefer to avoid waiting in line and answering many questions, Sonnet is the right insurance company. 

With Sonnet, you get a quote and make your insurance purchase online. However, you should conduct further research before purchasing any insurance policy from Sonnet. 

Do not just go with a review article. Talk to people with first-hand experience and see what they say about Sonnets before you move. If you are also planning on buying stocks instead of doing insurance, then you can read our guide on how to buy stocks in Canada.


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