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13 Best VPS Hosts In Canada (Our Top Picks)

Having a VPS is an excellent way for small and medium-sized businesses with a hard time with uptime, storage, and speed limitations associated with most shared web hosting services. 

Therefore, one should make sure they choose only the best VPS hosts. Many advantages come with using a VPS to the extent that you will not have to buy or rent a physical server for your business. 

A VPS allows you to have your dedicated space on a host’s server. You are also able to have your software installed. 

You will also not have to worry about sharing space or computing resources.

Below are some of the best VPS hosting services available in Canada. We will be looking at each one of them subsequently in this article. 

We will look at their specs as well as the pros and cons. Before we do that, let us look at some of the things you must consider before choosing a VPS host.

Things To Look At When Choosing A VPS Host

These are some of the things you have to note when selecting VPS for your website.

  • Security offered
  • Amount of HDD or SSD offered
  • Amount of Ram offered
  • Operating system offered
  • Number of cores
  • Monthly bandwidth
  • Technical support
  • Cloud optimization
  • Web server performance
  • Systems administration

Best VPS Hosts In Canada (Our Top Picks)

Here are the best VPS hosts to choose from in Canada:

  • HostPapa
  • Hostinger
  • Bluehost
  • HostArmada
  • HostGator
  • InMotion Hosting
  • Liquid Web
  • A2 Hosting
  • Interserver
  • MochaHost
  • Hostwinds
  • DreamHost




This is one of the best VPS hosting to use in Canada, and there is an excellent reason behind that choice. 

The quality offered certainly matches the price of the VPS. Looking at the specs of this VPS hosting below, you will see that it has one of the best performances available. 

HostPapa comes with a RAM of 1.5GB and an SSD of 50GB. It also has 4 core CPU powering it. 

These specs are undoubtedly worth the price they are charging.

There is an option HostPapa calls the Extreme Option. It is a robust VPS plan offered by HostPapa, and although its pricing may be steep at $250 each month, you will see that it is worth it. 

This option has a whopping 24GB RAM, a 12-core CPU, and a 1TB SSD. 

With these specs, you are close to having a gaming machine. The keyboards, graphics card, and mouse pointer are the only things missing.

Starting Price Of HostPapa

HostPapa Hosting has a starting price of $19.99


  • Has servers all over Canada
  • Is fast in terms of loading and has excellent performance


  • Does not have the best customer support


  • One of the best in Canada
  • Comes with cPanel
  • Pricing is good
  • Has 1.5-24 GB RAM
  • 4-12 core CPUs




If you are looking for a VPS host while on a budget, Hostinger is the one you are looking for. 

It is the cheapest VPS hosting in Canada. Although cheap, you should not take that to mean it is useless. 

It is one of the most reliable VPS hosts in Canada. Aside from the VPS host you get, the service offers an inbuilt website builder known as the Hostinger Website Builder. 

It was previously known by the name Zyro. The features will get you up and running, and you can build your website without professional input.

It has features like SSL, certificates, unlimited SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

Although the essential plan cost just $3.95, the highest plan offered by Hostinger is pegged at $29.95 each month and comes with 8GB RAM, 8 core CPU, and 8000GB bandwidth.

Starting Price Of Hostinger

Hosting has a starting price of $3.95 each month.


  • Is the cheapest VPS host in Canada


  • Bare bones when compared to other VPS host


  • Cheap but reliable
  • Has root access
  • 2-8GB RAM
  • 2-4 core CPU
  • 1000-8000 GB of bandwidth
  • Has cPanel




Bluehost is a good option for VPS hosting if you are not looking for anything extravagant. 

Though it may not be ranked among the top VPS hosts, it does not disappoint. 

A wide range of companies and e-commerce websites use Bluehost. Although its introductory pricing of $29.95 is higher than the previous VPS host above, there is a better deal offered to WordPress users.

However, this deal usually needs to be advertised by the company. 

If you are looking for one of the best-performing VPS hosts with all the great features, then Bluehost differs from the one you should be looking at. However, if you are okay with something simple, try out Bluehost.

Starting Price Of Bluehost

Bluehost has a starting price of$29.95 each month.


  • One of the longest in the industry


  • Slow customer support at times


  • Has root access
  • Has fully managed options
  • WordPress friendly
  • Has cPanel
  • 2-8GB RAM
  • 2-4GBcore CPU




With a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, HostArmamda is one of the best VPS hosts to get in Canada. 

It also has robust security measures to ensure you are safe online. The service also has data centers around the world and ensures that its performance is always consistent. 

It also utilizes some of the biggest brands in the hardware and software industry, such as AMD EPYC, LiteSpeed, Cloudflare, and CloudLinux OS.

When it comes to pricing, there are different services offered, and each of them comes with its price. 

However, customers should note the high renewal costs associated with HostArmada.

Price Of HostArmada Hosting

HostArmada has a starting price of $41.21 to $63.71 each month.


  • Very robust


  • Renewal costs are high


  • Has Linux-based servers
  • Has global data centers
  • Has cPanel
  • Has 99.9% uptime
  • Reliable
  • 45-day money-back guarantee




HostGator offers three service options, although they are known to have a low-cost basic plan. 

However, their prices are a bit pricey compared to other VPS hosts in Canada. 

Fully managed accounts are more costly and are usually purchased by the big companies that do need them. 

However, despite the high price, its performance, uptime, and reliability are said to be excellent.

Starting Price Of HostGator

HostGator has a starting price of 19.95 each month.


  • Well-respected in the industry


  • cPanel costs another $10 each month


  • Has excellent support, which has claimed awards in the industry
  • High performance
  • Root access
  • Reliable
  • 2-8GB RAM
  • 2-4 core CPU


InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting

InMotion is a VPS host that is patronized by many businesses worldwide. 

Customers can choose from three VPS plans, with the basic one starting at $24.99 each month. 

There is a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the VPS hosting services offered by InMotion. 

InMotion has one of the best hybrid systems today, where the cloud does most VPS hosting. With InMotion, the pages on your website load much quicker. 

Starting Price Of InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting has a starting price of $24.99 each month.


  • Has one login for billing and domains and cPanel


Must have telephone sign-up to prevent fraud 


  • Reliable
  • Fast
  • Free SSD
  • cloud hybrid tech
  • has cPanel


Liquid Web

Liquid Web

Customers can choose from fully featured VPS plans when they go on Liquid Web VPS hosting. 

The plans offered all support Plesk choice, the I.P. address that detailed, better security, SSD, and backups. 

According to Liquid Web, their hosting service has a 100% uptime, which SLA has backed. 

The company also promises to compensate customers 1000% if their website goes down. 

 We hope that these promises made by the company do not just talk but also action in case something happens. 


  • Can be operated from Windows or Linux O.S. except for the basic plan


  • More expensive than other VPS on this list
  • The 3-day money-back guarantee is not impressive


  • It is fully managed 
  • Has excellent tech support
  • Root access
  • Has cPanel
  • Has 100% uptime
  • 2-8GB RAM
  • 1-4 core CPU


A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting canada

If you read carefully until now, you will realize this is the only VPS host offering unmanaged accounts. 

However, the wide range of features offered by the VPS host service makes this move unsurprising. 

If you are well-versed when it comes to installing and configuring an operating system, the fee of just $5 per month is nothing. 

Getting a fully managed account will, however, cost you significantly more. 

This is due to the faster loading times you will experience on the managed accounts compared to the unmanaged ones.

Starting Price Of InMotion Hosting

Price- starts at $5 per month. Managed accounts start at $32.99 each month


  • Has excellent performance
  • Has excellent customer service and tech support


  • cPanel, backups, and Softaculous come at an extra cost


  • Managed and unmanaged accounts are offered
  • Great customer support
  • Free SSD
  • Customizable plans
  • Root access allowed
  • 1-8 core CPUs
  • 512MB to 8GB RAM




If you’re in search of a reputable server provider known for its affordable, speedy, and reliable hosting services, then InterServer VPS could be the perfect solution for you.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • “Epic” 24/7 support
  • Free SSL and Intershield security
  • Offers a full range of easily scalable hosting solutions
  • Unlimited storage, data transfer, and FTP


  • No Free Domain
  • Limited Marketing Credits




As a web hosting service, MochaHost is highly favored for providing affordable and reliable hosting services with a special focus on Canadian customers.

Benefitting from the geographical proximity of its data centers located in the United States, MochaHost ensures that Canadian website visitors enjoy high-speed load times.

With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, MochaHost assures nearly uninterrupted accessibility to Canadian audiences.

MochaHost is further distinguished by its round-the-clock customer support staff, prepared to assist with queries or issues at any time.

In addition to a free domain name featured across many of MochaHost’s plans, saving financial resources, and facilitating website set-up, they also value the safety of your digital properties.

They provide complimentary SSL certificates, DDoS protection, and firewall options to prioritize security.

Pros Of MochaHost In Canada

  • Localized Canadian Presence
  • Data Center Options
  • Affordability and Value
  • Reliable Uptime Guarantee
  • Exceptional Support
  • Free Domain Name
  • Security Measures

Cons Of MochaHost In Canada

  • No Physical Data Center in Canada
  • Pricing Complexity
  • Mixed Reviews on Speed
  • Limited One-Click Installs
  • Renewal Price Hike




Primed as a trustworthy and economical web hosting provider, Hostwinds is committed to delivering excellent services to its Canadian clientele.

With data centers located in the United States, geographically adjacent to Canada, the resultant quick loading times for websites hosted on Hostwinds ensure a superior user experience for Canadian visitors.

Offering a 99.9% uptime guarantee, Hostwinds promises near-constant website accessibility for its Canadian audience.

Further augmenting customer satisfaction, they operate a 24/7 customer support system, prepared to resolve queries or difficulties you might encounter.

A standout feature of Hostwinds is their assortment of security measures designed to safeguard your website and associated data from potential online risks.

Pros Of Hostwinds In Canada

  • Localized Understanding
  • Affordable Plans
  • Exceptional Support
  • Security Measures


  • No Local Data Center
  • International Company
  • Pricing Complexity
  • Mixed Speed Reviews
  • Limited Local Presence




DreamHost is a dependable and cost-effective web hosting provider catering to Canadian users. Thanks to its data centers located in the United States and Canada, Canadian visitors can enjoy rapid website loading times on platforms hosted by DreamHost.

With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, DreamHost ensures your website remains nearly always accessible to your Canadian audience.

Additionally, DreamHost furnishes a 24/7 customer support service to address all your queries and concerns promptly.

Notably, DreamHost implements a series of protective measures to shield your website and its data from potential online security threats.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Reliable performance
  • Excellent customer support
  • Security features
  • Data centers in Canada


  • Limited data center options (Canada and US only)
  • Some features cost extra
  • The control panel has a learning curve




For individuals seeking to create a strong online presence in Canada, selecting the ideal web hosting solution is crucial.

Within the myriad hosting alternatives, IONOS VPS emerges as a captivating option for Canadians. In the following analysis of IONOS VPS hosting services in Canada, we delve into the reasons that make it an exceptional choice for spurring your online achievements in the Great White North.


  • Localized Canadian Presence
  • Variety of Hosting Solutions
  • Data Center Proximity
  • Affordable Plans
  • Reliable Uptime
  • User-Friendly Control Panel
  • 24/7 Customer Support


  • Limited Free Features
  • Complex Pricing
  • Resource Limits
  • Technical Expertise Required
  • Responsibility for Server Management
  • Domain Registration Costs

Other Alternative Web Hosting Services

As you embark on the journey of finding the ideal VPS hosting service, you might stumble upon various other hosting types and wonder if they might provide a better fit.

These alternatives may indeed serve you better depending on your specific needs, budget, technical stack, and technological prowess.

Aside from VPS, here are some popular hosting types worth taking into consideration:

Shared Hosting

This type of hosting is an excellent choice if you’re launching a fresh website or brand. It’s not only economical but also generally fully managed, making it a hassle-free solution.

However, it does have its downsides, including slower speed and potentially lesser security.

Cloud Hosting

Bearing similarity to VPS hosting, cloud hosting is a robust solution for businesses with high-traffic sites that require additional resources.

The cherry on top of cloud hosting is that your sites are hosted on several remote servers, providing enhanced uptime. Moreover, numerous cloud hosting providers allow for resources to be added on demand.

Dedicated Hosting

This type of hosting puts you in control of an entire server. Although it is the costliest option, it promises unrivaled stability, security, and resource availability.

This makes it an optimum pick for large businesses that experience regular high traffic and significant surges during sales periods.

Reseller Hosting

If you manage a web design agency online, reseller hosting might be worth your attention. This allows you to procure hosting services at wholesale rates and then resell a rebranded hosting plan to your clients at your preferred price point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VPS hosting needed

It is better to use VPS hosting instead of shared hosting, and there are many reasons backing this up. 

Which is faster, VPS or shared hosting?

No doubt the fastest here will be the VPS hosting. It is one of the reasons why you should get a VPS instead of using shared hosting.

Are VPS benefits better than shared hosting

Of course, they are. A VPS will perform better than shared hosting. A VPS is also more secure and highly scalable. With these, you end up with a fast website that performs well while keeping your users safe.


Learning as much as possible about cloud VPS web hosting is always advisable when you decide to get a VPS for your website. 

Choosing the best VPS will ultimately come down to what you prefer and what your needs are. 

Due to this, comparing multiple VPS hosts before making the final decision is advisable.

We hope today’s article about VPS hosting has been insightful. Look through the example above and choose one that fits the needs of your website.

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